Monday, December 5, 2011

N.C. Black, Pie and Weddings

This morning I am having pie for breakfast:
the last piece of an open-top rustic apple pie that I made for the dear
duo of Andrea and Les of N.C. Black
as they swung through San Jose last night after a demo in Cupertino.

For those of you who don't know (perk up your ears, smiths!)
Andrea and Les are the ambassadors and educators for their company that makes stellar hammers, forming blocks and stakes.

I took an engraving class with them last November in Long Beach
and it completely revolutionized my work.
Their instruction was tremendous
and always above and beyond the basics - students walked away
filled with the kind of understanding that fuels passion:
that's good teaching!!

Les showed me a bit more about forming in my studio
and I look forward to showing the excellence of their tools through my work
as it becomes more three dimensional.

When I hold an N.C. Black hammer in my hand I am always amazed at the grace and ease with which it swings and makes contact: their work is sublime

Anthony has been instructed to get me a big vise (ho ho ho!!)
and I will be acquiring a small table to use as my forming station.

I will be writing a bit about each hammer I use
after I get the feel for them.

After a break in January, this dynamic duo will be heading back out on the road for what may be the last year of intensive workshop touring:
I sincerely recommend you check out their schedule and see about
getting some higher education
to take your metalsmithing to a whole new level.

I am happy to report that the wedding I sang at on Saturday night was a smashing success
complete with blushing bride and a fully choreographed high school- bff-dance to N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" -
I was amazed!!!

I have some really heartfelt work to share with you this week -
stay tuned!!



Cat said...

glad your weekend went well
looking forward to what you have for us this week

Love and Light

mairedodd said...

well i am thrilled to see that they do workshops that i can get to - so i will be looking forward to seeing the 2012 schedule...
and how great to have them come into your home, check out the studio and make recommendations for tweaking it - all before xmas and with your loving husband to hear!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Cat - MUAH!! :) xoxo

Mary Jane: yes, I cannot tell you emphatically enough how thrilled you'll be with the instruction - the new creative doors new techniques open... ayeee, I love it :) xoxoxox

Tasha Imajin said...

I thought about you and your travels as I was listening to the weather report of crazy California winds. I'm happy you seem to come out of it ok!

Sunny Rising Leather said...


My car came out worse for wear: falling palm fronds made it look like a tiger scratched the hood of my blue beauty!! But WE are good :) Sending you love!!!


gallerydarrow said...

I think pie is best at breakfast !

Your work continues to amaze, I love the engraved hand pendant.