Sunday, December 25, 2011

We are small,

but we are mighty this Christmas!

There are only three adult souls celebrating together
and it is in our home that they rest.

Schmilly and I have never been without our parents at Christmas
or around Christmas - this is a landmark year.
Blue thoughts here and there, but we processed a lot of them before the most important days of the season:
that feels like a blessing.

Anthony's sister has joined us from Sacramento
and we are enjoying her company so much.

The fur family has had their share of pets
and romps in the paper mounds
before they (the paper, not the cats!) made their way to the recycle bin.

I've mostly hung around the kitchen, making a big pot of cannelini beans
and a double chocolate cake
in the style of my Aunt Sandra, something I know will bring a smile to our faces
as we finish our chicken and dumpling dinner:

who can resist cake?

My Aunt Sandra's chocolate cake, by the way, is the best I've ever tasted.
I know mine will not compare
but with every bite it will remind me of my cousin sisters and
our wonderful times around the table together at every age:
that feels good!

New traditions require a bit of bravery
a pinch of moxy
and a lot of tender loving care:

we've got love to spare -
the moxy needs a bit of work on my part,
but the bones are there.

When we were setting up our tree last nigh we realized we had no angel,
but Anthony had this massive hand-painted shark ornament:

in a year of new twists and turns, we thought it
appropriate to buck tradition a bit
and so - behold!
A shark angel, come to tell us the glad tidings
that Christmas is here
and change is a gift to unwrap in itself!

Happy holidays, you blessed beans:
have a safe and merry season!

Allisunny, Anthony, Jones and Janey


mairedodd said...

merry christmas allison - i hope you found joy today... it is like the energies became concentrated this year before you become one more... and christmas will evolve once again...
love the shark - we had no topper either... so my 15 yr old put a photo of nicholas cage at the top - and he told me that every tree needs a star on top! his sarcasm was clear in the choice... but the idea was a reflection of our new life and the freedom to express ourselves as the spirit moves...

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Mary Jane,

The Nicholas Cage tree topper is making me laugh so hard! Ahhhhhh!! Joy found ;) xoxoxox

Emily said...

You would have the most fabulous turquoise Kitchen Aid!

Merry Christmas Allison!


bonddi said...

Ha ha, love the shark topper, it's got some bite! Hope you settled into the new routine. I, myself and me, love staying in my home at Christmas and not traveling. Trouble is, them darn relatives always find me! I had an Amazon christmas and it was great!!!! No returns, no going to the "Mall" and no catching that icky Walmart shopper's cold. Yay! I am still working on the handmade presents I started, but those are always good for the birthday issues. Tra la la la la, la la la la:)