Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hand and Heart

I have had my heart broken many times
through romances and friendships that lived out their full life-span
before I was ready to let them go

We have all been cut off in traffic, cursed at by someone we don't even know,
given the cold shoulder, cried on a bus full of people with nary a compassionate glance

And yet the bravest among us still hold out our hand to the world
and offer the gem of our best self
as a gift with nothing expected in return.

Expectations shatter joy
in a sad and noisy way - I've had my share for people I've loved
places I've wanted to go
things I've set out to accomplish

but the times of great surprise and open-mouth smiling
have normally come to pass when I didn't develop a notion about what was to come -
joy crept in when I simply gave of my time or my heart
without banking on what I would see, think or feel.

The wonder and passion of living seem to be the results of a generous,
adventurous soul who ventures into the dark cave of that next moment
with a beacon and a full lunchbox

knowing when to nourish and when to rest
expecting nothing
and giving everything they can to life.

Every day I rise I pray that God helps me
and learn from both the slings and arrows
as well as the bountiful harvest

and I trust that in giving the best I have in me
there is a bright spot left where darkness once fell completely.

This design is one of a kind, paired with a gem quality Coober Pedy opal
from Australia.

The fire in the opal is a rich grasshopper green with hints of yellow, perfect for the heart chakra over which it rests.

It is roughly 19 inches long with a double chain
and the hand itself was hammer engraved, which is an ancient and time-consuming art that I cherish.

In the Metal Shop today.



Heidi said...

Beautiful sentiments. I love the idea of giving freely, of giving our best, and expecting nothing in return. A message so contrary to popular society. You bring beauty to this world!

Cat said...

You are amazing. This is such a heartfelt piece, I can feel your light shining through the computer screen. love love love!

Cat said...


love and light

Amanda said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It reminds me of a sleek, elegant hamsa.