Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chrysoprase Calm and a Maybe

I know I spoke of this week being a time of leather,
and perhaps it will be, but
perhaps it will not...

The whim of nature seems to have shifted,
and at my prenantal this morning I was told I have very high blood pressure
combined with protein in the pee,
the combination is an indicator of pre-eclampsia, something
that will mean I will be induced quickly
if blood work/continued blood pressure readings confirm suspicions.

I feel a great deal of calm about this development after wrestling with it this morning;
yes, the natural birth I so wanted might be a thing of the past, but I can still most certainly 
experience the birth of this boy with grace and wonder:
I know quite a few mamas who found goodness in the not-as-I-had-hoped birth experience
and every single one said that the resulting babe was worth every moment

and they would do it all again to meet him or her....

THAT brings me such peace.

So today I worked slowly and methodically, as I am not yet on bed rest
and I finished this flower I'd been mooning over for the better part of a few weeks:
a light chrysoprase at its center,
the ring itself a size 7. 

What is it about metal, sometimes even more than leather that calms me?
Leather gets to the heart of me in a different way.
I have to say, metals and the process of sculpting, cleaning and polishing them makes for some serious delight, some zoned-in Zen.

Since tomorrow might be my last day to work, I decided today to also finish up the canvas for an orphan ring.
This chrysoprase was cabbed by me a few weeks ago from a beautiful slab I found
at a rock show: it's so translucent, so apple green and has these lovely dendrites and the streaks of what looks white are actually tiny drusy pockets not yet unearthed: spectacular!


I paired it with a simple setting, sterling bubbling all around like fine caviar
in layer upon layer...

It's seriously decadent.
This ring can be made in any size, but it would look best on a middle or ring finger.

The shank will be made tomorrow if it gets snapped up
and all of my last pieces would be shipped in the latter part of the day.

Want to be the mama of this orphan?

Convo me

Thursday's morning prenatal appointment could lead to 
everything going quiet around here for a time:

this is perfect training for the actual care of our boy:
things will require more flexibility, more open-endedness
once he arrives!!

I will do everything in my power to keep you posted!

With so much love,
Allison and Baby O


Sybil Ann said...

You're KILLING me... :)

Make it a 9! Heee.

Lisa said...

I developed pre-eclampsia and had to be induced when I was pregnant with my son. I completely agree with the other moms....it was a not-as-I-had-hoped birth, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Sometimes things just don't work out the way we think they will, but that doesn't make it any less wonderful. Just remember, what's important is the healthy baby...not how he was delivered. :)

You and your little baby boy will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Brooke said...

Looks like little baby o. and your hard-working body are already making some ripples on how he is going to arrive. You will be empowered by his birthing no matter how it happens! I have given thought to this as well ~ so many things are out of our hands when it comes to birth. So many wishes and wants can be tabled in a moment in the face of a larger need. I sincerely hope everything goes smoothly and calmly, however it unfolds.

UmberDove said...

Well here's how it is: we've talked about how Mr. Orion felt like he was an early babe, like he'd show all those doctors and estimatitions (not a real word or job ;) just who was in charge of his arrival.

So if this is his plan, I know you'll be full of grace. I know it.

ALSO. This is a week for chrysoprase. No doubt. LOVE YOU! MISS YOU!

Cat said...

no words...
just loven'
and those damn hearts!!!!

love and light

mairedodd said...

having had 2 of my 3 babies come into the world in a not-as-planned way... i can tell you that it will make no matter - and what is important, as lisa said, is that you and he are healthy... i know that with the birth of my boys i became so grateful to live in this here and now, where health issues and pregnancy can be safely managed... be well - and let it be...
i have been doing zen work with metal the past number of days as well... it is so soothing...

Tasha Imajin said...

I know you will make the birth your own special event no matter how it happens. Mine wasn't how I had hoped either (and I will write about it soon) and surprisingly I'm finding that it doesn't really matter to me. I got my sweet baby out of it and we're both healthy.

I'm very excited to meet baby O through your blog!


Taddyporter said...

Oh sweet mama, calm loving thoughts to you, your strong and able body is handling matters just as it needs to....this little man will come in as the warrior he is named for RAWR.

much mucho love and prayers to you and yours...

p.s. can't wait to see the wee laddie.....!

SpiralStone said...

Sending you love and strength for a beautiful birth. Orion may just share my daughter's birthday :).

And the flower ring is gorgeous!


Brandi said...

Wishing you luck, love and strength. Be well.

Melissa Meman said...

thinking good thoughts for you and your baby! I didn't have pre-eclampsia with my son, but did have to have an unplanned C-section after lots of labor and it all worked out fabulously! Love that flower ring so very much :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

gorgeous chrysoprase_ and I believe you have an independent baby who is hurrying to see you : )


Candace Morris said...

Yes, I think the resolve I've come to is that the best way to be prepared for birth is to allow for absolutely anything and everything. Prepared to be unprepared. It's disappointing to lose our ideal birth, but in the end, as you said, the point is to produce a baby. You will get that for sure.

I am still wavering b/w epidural/interventions or no epidural (i refuse to call it NATURAL childbirth or otherwise). I am pursuing this with my midwife, but recently discovered that I think I'd be doing it more because I feel pressured to, more for my pride. And that's a bull shit reason to do anything. I've decided that I am going to do WHAT I WANT to do no matter what, and let go of any notions about how it "should" be. It might mean I use pain meds, but oh well. (I hope no one jumps on this - so to avoid it - I want to assure everyone I have done extensive research and am well-informed of the risks.)

I've been loving "Bringing Up Bebe" and it's challenged my American notions of being overly informed and overly in control of things I have no control over. You should read it - esp if you have nothing else to do in bed. :) It's funny and easy reading.

bonddi said...

Thinking of you and sending channeling calming chrysoprase vibes into the universe with your name attached. I, too, know the unplanned birth. I signed up for every drug known to woman once those sucker punch contractions started and thank god for the epidural! The kick in the rear started in at the "don't push yet phase," also known as the phase where the doctor is delivering someone's else's baby at the time and you have to hold yours in with the last two straining vaginal tendons left quivering. My epidural ran out right then, and the skinflint drug lord of the epidurals wouldn't give me anymore so I went from mild discomfort to intense thrombosis of world quaking agony. I experienced a whole half hour of natural birth. My husband said I sounded and looked like Linda Blair, and he swore my head was spinning counter clockwise. I know I must have invented a whole new slew of curse words in a long lost language. You kinda lose your ability to be coherent at that point. That said, keep your humor turned on and don't be afraid to beg, bargain and/or steal sedation.

Nancy*McKay said...

so the underwater birth is not an option now?
oh, i had my hopes up!?!

plans change
expectations don't always meet
oh to celebrate the joy of arrival...
no matter how it happens!
Orion will soon be here!!!

Blessings of love & good health for you&babyO
& daddie~to~be!

Tasha Imajin said...

I love what Candace wrote!!