Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ferns and Wings and Peridot and Beach Pottery...


Hammer formed fern fronds
riveted with sterling and 14k gold wires

The feel of Hawaii in the whole piece...


Peridot and cicada wing earrings, riveted with a single sterling punctuation mark
at the bottom of the wings...

Single Copper fern frond with sterling silver rivets

All of these pieces will be in the

Thursday late morning (sorry for the delay, you know... pregnancy and all!)

Have a beautiful day,
Sunny and Baby O


WillowMetals said...

Beautiful! I ♥ the earrings!

Zorah said...

I love the jewelry, and I don't mean to sound like a creeper, but the girls look lovely!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thanks, Heather!!!!

Zorah, I just laughed so hard the neighbors must wonder what's going on - thanks for that ;) xoxoxo

Zorah said...

: )