Friday, February 17, 2012

One Last Batch

I will be working through the weekend
as next week will be rich with time spent adoring friends from abroad;

I cannot even believe that this is the last batch of pieces
I will work on before I close up shop for a while:

I am looking at three pairs of earrings
four necklaces and two rings,
the theme being flowers and ferns.

There may be a few more pieces in the coming weeks, but I am
not counting on anything - I know Orion could arrive anytime after today
safely and sweetly, and I intend to go be his mama with all my might when that moment comes!

One of the most exciting pieces on my plate is the hammer engraved lion you see above with that gorgeous Australian Print Stone:
there is a kindness and nobility in the eyes of that sterling beast that took me
by surprise when he was finished...
he is for protection
but I think he's for wisdom as well.

Hammer engraving him was tremendous labor
and I cannot wait to see the finished piece, it's so close to my heart!

I just woke from my afternoon nap
and I am feeling the pull of the studio's lamplight
and wonders...

off to brew a cup of tea
and smooth some edges for a few hours!

With love,


Seip Fine Art said...

Kindness + Nobility + Wisdom + Protection = Aslan.

WillowMetals said...

Your engraving is outstanding...and YES...those eyes!
That stone as well...sigh....

Enjoy your day!

Sybil Ann said...

SFA - Aslan indeed!

Cat said...

the lion is amazing
it stopped me may want to keep that for Orion as I feel his spirit lies with in that piece...sorry thatjust came out on it's own : )

a special piece


Love and Light

Valerie Brown said...

My goodness, the lion is fantastic. You are so very talented!