Friday, February 10, 2012

What's Good and Fresh

There is something about knowing I have a finite amount of time to be making actively and regularly that has lit a divine fire under my birthing hips...

I enter the studio as though I have a fever
but instead of more cowbell, the only thing that will heal me is WORK.



I have said since I've become pregnant that love has been the biggest thing on my mind,
that thoughts and actions have become suffused with a tenderness
that almost hurts
it is so strong...

As I get closer to meeting the One who lies at the center of this peace
I find this powerful force has moved from my trunk to my limbs.

My heart and center feel rich in different ways ; full, I guess would be the right word
but my hands and feet feel hot with restless ardor...

I have nearly completed a fern and mandala clutch...
Am in the middle phase of a chakra/anatomical heart big bag made of the best blood red leather
hide you could ever imagine (look at the rugged spots, the shallow cuts near the anatomical heart mandala above - I was so greedy to include those in the bag - they are so real and rich!)


and as spring approaches, I have a dogwood and mandala half-belt in the works.

My educated guess is that all of these pieces will see completion next week,
starting with the clutch that is mostly finished.

If you have any questions about anything you see, please feel free to

me - I will be accepting reserves.

The manner in which I have been working this month will likely serve me well once
the babe is in arms:
consistent daily flow, slow and steady.



AnDee said...

You are truly inspired...That wee soul inside of you is bringing great things.

I love these pieces, the peace they exude...

Emily said...

Love, love, love!

The mandalas are so beautiful and I will never get enough of your maidenhair ferns. And the fuschia with the brown leather, absolutely stunning!!


Natalia... said...

More cowbell!! Sunny you are the coolest, I was having my coffee while reading and I laughed out loud!

I just love the work you've been doing, both leather and metal.