Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Opal Wing

Australian Coober Pedy Opal, generous in size (these are usually really small opals!), gorgeous in its fire

Accompanied by a lovely little micro-faceted Mexican fire opal rondelle

Hammer engraved

Shining and real!

I love the little pit in the stone: it shows that the lapidary artist trusted that more digging (i.e. grinding) may reduce the fire in the stone and so he or she opted for a tiny imperfection
as a sacrifice for the greater good: a rainbow of light at every angle.

18 inches of angelic companionship for the heart and soul



Cat said...

I adore you. To bits.

WillowMetals said...

So beautiful!!! I just love opals! And you!!!!! xoxo

UmberDove said...

Good Morning Sunny Sunshine!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love your engraving?

Cat said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
just like you!!!!

is there anything you can't do????
I think not!♥

love and light