Monday, February 6, 2012


For good tea
for the ability to know the difference between wallowing
and allowing (hmmm, just a 'w' it would seem)
for my family
for unfoundering faith in healing
for my studio and all of its projects, humming like a monk...

For the mealy bug disappearance, as though by miracle...
for the satisfaction of a simple whole food lunch
for these little stretches and curls Baby O dances into
(o, little soul you are and will be so loved!!!)...
for Anthony's proud Papa face every time he feels the shifting under his palm...

for proverbial bootstraps (I would not be able to reach the tangible equivalent, heaven knows)
for discernment

For you, stopping by this space on a winter afternoon

And Mercy Me(!) for Janey, my tiny daily companion
whose sweetness is unrivaled.

I would love to know what you feel grateful for today, dear Reader.



Anonymous said...

For my kids, as always.

For a beautiful blue sky today.

And, more prosaically, for coffee.

Thanks for the invitation to share, Allison!

Lindsey said...

Grateful for turning 30 tomorrow and leaving the chapter that is my 20's. It feels like a new start.

Cat said...

the sun
a healthy body
a warm fire
a boy with freckles
meeting a sister-friend in a cozy coffee house
a teen who hugs his mom
a husband who has the patience of a saint....

shall I go on?????

love ans light

Set Love Free said...

Today I am grateful for the freedom to dream and hope and pray, for stolen moments reading with my youngest son, for sharing a cup of tea with my oldest son, for a sunny day. Thanks for asking, sweet Allison!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Liz R. - ah, coffee and kids...they go together in a way, I hear :) Always a pleasure to hear your 'voice' here!!xo

Lindsey, honey; it IS such a shift. A profound, powerful one. I am so excited for you - happy birthday!!!

Cat - please go on and on - you are poetry to me :) xo

SetLoveFree- what a gorgeous sounding day... I bet those boys are crazy about their mama :) xo

Sybil Ann said...

understanding, tenacity, community, grace

mairedodd said...

i am grateful to be a part of a community that knows how important gratitude is... that treasures the passing moments of precious days... that can savor small details... and share them so eloquently...
i got to meet two bloggy friends today and it was like catching up with old friends - absolutely amazing...
i wear a beautiful necklace from a connected and intentional woman - it brings me peace...
and on a completely silly note - the kids are off tomorrow and i do not have to get up at 6:15!

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for the woman who married my son and has brought him a love a mother could only wish for for her child.
For the love you will both give to our baby O. What wonderful parents you both will be.
For the years ahead watching love grow as our family watches Orion grow.
For coming home in time for Orion's birthday.

Thank you for being you.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Sybil; amen, talented lady. Amen :) xo

Mary jane - how wonderful that you had the chance to meet with friends from the blog world - it's always an amazing gift!!! xo

Mama2 - I am so grateful for your son, for you and John and the whole family....and particularly grateful that I adore you so much that mother-in-law sounded too cold and had to be changed to mother-in-Love :) xo

Brandi said...

For a wonderful husband.
For healthful and wholesome eggs and milk from our hens and sassy milk goat, and for their laughter inducing presence and companionship.
For coming upon your site, and the ability to share in your gratitude and wonder.
Have a great day.

UmberDove said...

Puppy faces. Brand new BRIGHT teal pants. Unconditional love. A house far above the flooding river. Daydreams that are in the process of becoming true. One dollar ceramic planters at the thrift store. And of course, coffee from Seattle.


J said...

I'm always grateful for a good cup of tea. :-) (have you tried David's Tea? Amazing!)

Today, I'm grateful for the very ability to feel gratitude, if tha makes sense. An from that springs gratitude for the warmth of the sun felt through biting wind and cold. The warmth of a look or embrace from my love. The connections I have with friends and family far away. And the appreciation for bloggers who inspire me every day.

MrsLittleJeans said...

the list is very long but I will add to that for visiting you and knowing that you are wellxx

Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

Today I celebrate my 33rd year of life, and after the drama of the last few months I am greateful for the little things...The legs that have carried me on my way through this life, the love of a beautiful human companion, sunshine on my skin, and dear, dear aquantiances I have met through this space...I feel honored and grateful to call this special group of ladies, freinds!