Saturday, February 25, 2012

Resplendent Quetzal


In South America there is a bird of mythic beauty and nobility, with long tail feathers
and a strange, stout head.

It is both adorable and almost eerie in its build, so unlike
North American birds.

Legend says that if a quetzal is taken into captivity, the bird ends its own life

and so it has become an international symbol of liberty
in its home countries.

I hammer engraved one on a sturdy sterling plaque
and strung the picture
on fluorite by hand

a gorgeous rainbow
to accompany this symbolic creature
and all its beauty.

The piece fits as would a 16 inch necklace.

To inquire or reserve,
please write to me



UmberDove said...

I know I mentioned it on Flickr, but that little tail bump keeps getting me. It's such a sign of artistic foresight, meticulous attention, and a graceful sense of balance. It says to me "I am patient and I love this medium."

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thank you - coming from you this means the world.


Cat said...

Oh what Miss dove said is exquisite!
what more can one say????

I will make my facy hearts and be done with it

love and light

Danielle Hornyak said...

I love your engravings! I'd love to see you engrave in action, have you ever considered uploading videos/tutorials of certain process's? I'd love to see one with hammer engraving! Best!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Danielle, that is such a fabulous idea!! I think everyone who can should learn straight from the legend himself, : Les Bryant of NC Black -
but if I wasn't about to pop with this babe I would totally make a video of what it looks like!!


Danielle Hornyak said...

I just saw Les at the Yuma Symposium, he also did a small demo at our school a semester or two ago, California State Univ Long Beach...mostly on micro forming. I saw his insect work recently on their site, gorgeous!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your gorgeous baby! love your jewellery