Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creative Reset, Day Twenty One: Fin.

Well, here I (we) am (are) !

Twenty One days of my winter focused on the refilling of the creative well that has been so uniquely overflowing/empty since the birth of my babe.

Time and diligence are the two things that will show me the fruits of my work, but I have to be willing to invest in both with a dedicated heart.

I definitely noticed a cleaner flow between the introduction of concept
and the implementation: less of a feeling that the inbox would over-pile and leave me with a creative to-do-list ten thousand designs long.

They're still coming in hot and heavy, but I am using faith and reason (and a great sketchbook) to make sure I am not reading more into the parade than it is. It's a glorious spectacle, one I am blessed to be privy to. I think this level of activity shows that the pump is indeed primed for work, even if the work cannot always be done.

At this phase of my artistic professional life I am allowing more space to come in to the process because I want to enjoy this time with my baby as much as possible. I never forget that it is a luxury few can afford and my gratitude shows in my work and in his health and happiness.

I light candles daily for so many reasons, and one of them is often for mothers who are struggling with any number of things. This is the hardest job on earth, this gentle partial-domestication of the wee wild soul...just enough to give him the world, not too much so that he's a slave to it.

The reset has shown me almost even more than the work I do with hides and hammers and flames that my son is the most divine piece of work I've ever contributed my time and energy to. How he'll turn out is a mysterious alchemy, unlike the mathematics of pressure and heat with my work.

I feel more comfortable with intangibles right now, more courageous than I did before I started this little mini-journey.

I hope you do, too. 
In sharing these last three weeks with you I was encouraged with the breakthroughs and mining some of you shared with me through emails, convos and Facebook messages. Thank you. Anytime you dig, your shovel is bound to encounter darkness and treasures: they are often married to each other.

Today (well, it would have been yesterday but Lord that child is teething right now!)
just breathe and take it all in, all that you did or did not do.
I did not do everything.
I do not feel a lick of bad about that, and I hope if you weren't a model of absolute punctuality you also have the grace to take it easy on yourself.

Healing is not linear
Creativity does not obey
and you are a dear and beautiful work in progress.

Thank you for your kindredness in this endeavor.

Your Assignment for today:
raise a toast to your magnificent self
get tipsy on something sippy.



Brandi said...

This hasn't anything to do with the post, but with your photo...
LOVE your hair style, and you are just so damn pretty!
Be well, and a thousand thank yous for bringing this all together.

Sybil Ann said...


What you helped: Being kind and gentle to myself to make up for the lack of creativity beyond nesting, cooking and baking - because of the time-sucking seemingly never-ending pursuit of viable employment. Thank you for bringing together women with similar issues (including yourself) to remind me to make the time, appreciate what I can do, and let the rest GO!