Thursday, February 28, 2013

Angelus Color Test

A beautiful mixture of acrylic and dye (though not combined - when that happens the paint just simply turns into a glob and never mixes with the dye)
that took me over a week to complete...

A color test for my upcoming June workshop at The Ranch in Snohomish, Washington.

The preparation for this weekend class has been the catalyst for stretching into new territory
and the wonders of these new worlds are rich.

Wallpaper florals and white wolf, a take on my city-critter subject matter...domesticated wildness.
Digging deeper into the well.
Seeking and finding.

I have bubblegum pink garment leather I've cut out for a big hobo bag...
I have plans for it to be paired with some rather gritty subject matter...
when did these shifts happen?

I have a clutch to share with you tomorrow...the magic clutch...
oh it is something to behold!!

On the subject of Angelus:

any of you lovelies that work with leather will be pleased as punch to know that there are other options besides Tandy's offerings - I would like to introduce you to these dyes as another possibility with a great and varied color line and a really nice result on tooled hides.

I give the dyes an emphatic thumbs-up!



akamilby said...

Well I really wanted to comment on the Lady Tiger Ring, although your leatherwork is stunning. But I've been dreaming about the ring since you posted it a few days ago. I even looked up Australian Print Stone online, because I was so curious about it. I would be the proud owner except that I don't think that I could wear a 9.5. I don't know my finger size exactly, but I know that I have a size 8 wide band ring and I have to wear it on the middle finger of my right hand for it to fit.
More than the artistry, however (and it is gorgeous!), what I love is the sentiment that you posted with it. It seems to me that some moms forget forever that they are regal because mothering can be such a draining job. Without intention, it can zap the fire inside of you. I know that I need the reminder of my "wild and delicious" side. I hope that other moms also read your words and remembered for a moment to love themselves in the middle of the quotidien.
All of that to say that I have been imagining your ring on my finger as a picture of delight in my day. Thank you for bringing to my mind the fun of life, the exuberance, the tigress. My best friend and I all still remind each other from time to time (something we needed to tell each other often ten years ago, in our angst-ridden twenties): "you are a princess, damn it." A tigress would be a nice substitute for princess.
--Holly Fike

Cat said...


love and light