Thursday, February 14, 2013

L'Heure Exquise

I sang this song in college when I was trending towards more operatic material.
It was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I'd ever heard,
and it still


It translates as 'the exquisite hour'
and we have one of them every evening here at the little California cottage.

The light goes golden
and deepens to amber, pouring from the west into our front windows
and setting our rooms aglow.

It is also Orion's second nap of the day
and his sweet little curls rest against my chest
as we soak in the luminous together
before I nestle him down and tend to supper
and business.

 I am falling behind on things this last week:
please bear with me as I try to balance
these many hats
and keep us all full and content.

Convos and lingering custom orders are delayed a bit (I promise I'll get to them soon)
but my son is never hungry
always comforted 
his gums are popping teeth left and right (now we have six!)
 my husband's cheek gets kissed right on time
and because of the magic that technology affords us
both grandmas will share in our evening
light bath tonight.

Family comes first in this exquisite hour.