Thursday, February 21, 2013

Magic Mushroom Earrings, Beach Escape Edition

End of February blues: I feel the weight of this month like whoa!
Should I duck from you east-coasters throwing tomatoes?
I probably should...

I hear it's cold out your way. Like real cold cold.

don't be so quick to heave those out-of-season reds at me:
I have a cure for the February blues!!

It's one part enamel on copper toadstool 
equal parts hammered sterling circlets
gorgeous silver chain

Asymmetrical hang, three conch shell tube beads
and a dash of pearls.

Mix together and wear on your gorgeous lobes, Ms.

Two colors are available right now:
ombre red
ombre marigold

Trust me - you cannot wear them without a smile
and in these silly old dim days of late winter that can take a bit of doing!

To reserve one of two pairs,
convo me

Sending you beachy thoughts,


Appaloosa*Moon said...

they are as precious as yoU!

Cat said...

those are adorable!!!!
and so is your smile!
thanks for sharing....the smiles

love and light