Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Adventures

I've been working on this beautiful Magnolia Magic clutch for some time,
strengthening a new soft and vintage-y-warm color technique I plan on sharing

in June.

Each tooled item is part of a spell for the woman who will carry it: I felt pretty witchy while I worked,
weaving a lot of intentions into the cuts and muscle of hammering.

Looking forward to teaching has gotten me all aflutter about having even more gifts to give my students who take the two day journey with me at The Ranch in Snohomish, Washington.

I am scouring books and the interwebs for all manner of unique approaches to surface treatments.
Feeling like a student and a kid, buying up bits and snippets in lots of different places...

Time in the studio is at a premium these days with major amounts of teething
and just a general desire to spend days cradling my babe to sleep
and celebrating life with him when he's awake.
O's place in my life grows and stretches with his little feet and arms.

He's so much less a baby and so much a little boy:
just inches away from words and walking.
Orion nods his head with vigor when we inquire about 'more' with his food
and tells us with a horizontal sweep side to side when he's done...
clear and fair.
It's so amazing to watch the communication opening more every day and night.

We take long walks, cuddle deeply after we wake up and chatter at each other like pals
We eat every meal at the kitchen table and marvel over the scrub jays eating peanuts I leave for them in the back yard, working on getting them closer and closer to my palm
We celebrate standing and fret over falls, though I give a really good brave face so he doesn't see me hurt for him...

I am so in love, so painfully wholly in love with all of it, with him and his Daddy and life.

I swoon daily over curls and teeth and tender clammy palms on my cheek while he nurses
and when he goes to sleep I celebrate a return to quiet studio activities,
tending to this thriving thrumming business of mine.

It's so alive, like a child too.

I've never worked so hard or been so tired
nor have I given up things like tv with this ease:
time is a precious golden thing now and I tend to it with care and economy.
I waste not, but I still want: it's the nature of things.

Sleep calls.

Hello and goodnight to you, friends!

Please tell me what you're up to, won't you?



pencilfox said...

i love this post!....the photos, especially of ORION....and the poetry of your words.

ain't it wonderful to be so tired from performing blessedly wonderful life-chores?!?!


Allisunny S. said...

Oh dear Marie,
It is so good indeed :) hope all is well way up north!! Xo

Jenna said...

Oh Glinda, you cast the most beautiful spells. And babies.

Hugs from the heartland!

Sybil Ann said...

Oh bless you. Enjoy every second.

David Schipper said...

pretty... but I'm not much of an opera person... though if you were singing I'd listen.