Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Greening up the studio a bit, think it's time to hang the other sister plant up opposite its sibling...

Beautiful pieces for the pinning up of the hairs - should be done tomorrow evening!! SO excited to see how they come out :)

Concentrating on setting mineral pieces this week, a gorgeous batch. Methinks they will will all be housed in simplicity as the colors in the stones SING and I don't want to miss their melody.

A tremendous amount of flopping occurred today in beds and blankets about the house...
Don't you just want to join him for a nap?

A strange side note: I often check various pop-culture and news-themed websites through the day as a way to stay current on the world at large, but today there was no urge at all:
it seems they are ever more snarky
and sigh-inducing....

Have you ever felt this way?

I guess I am dropping out of my regular haunts for a cultural breather.

Something I'll never tire of is visiting the blogs of my dear online pals: there are always insights and
leaps of faith to be found, and I eat them up gratefully.

Love to you all this fine May day,


MrsLittleJeans said...

Allisunny, you truly do bring sunshine into our lives...gorgeous stones, the hair dodads, o my gosh, the kitty, O, kills me with one look...you are not kidding about major downers in society spiraling out of control...yikes...you and other blog friends are my dear cyber family of hope for betterment!


mywifesstudio said...

Hair pieces are beautiful!!!

Lori said...

Can so relate. so so so relate. Enjoy your day.

Ann from Montana said...

Love, love, love the stones!

I give snarky a pass, also the news mostly...I don't have TV so I normally read the news online but lately, I open it and peak out of one squinty eye. Call me an ostrich but I'd rather spend my energy on the positive and peaceful.

Petals said...

That to picture is so beautiful. I love the color of your studio. I have been wanting to get more plants for my sewing room but haven't been able to make the commitment of caring for them.

Nancy*McKay said...

...it's a wonder you get anything else done...with all that puss~in~boots SWEETNESS going on...XOXO

Dave said...

I try to spend as little time as possible keeping up with the world at large. Since I'm not blessed to talent to work from home, I sometimes listen to news on NPR. They are so informative and really fair to all sides.

I do wish that I could be a cat for just a day. Frankly I know I would fail longterm... I'm too restless to create; sounds like a person I know.



CrowNology said...

Ya gotta sing! Sing! Sing! Sing out loud!
Amazing stones.
Love the paw curl.
In class today people were talking pop culture and I knew nothing about anything they were talking about. I consider it a good thing. :)
Have a great day Allison.

Illustratornette said...

I know what you mean! Blogs are always interesting, no matter what. Plus, I think staying up to date with the world news is overrated.

Michaela Dawn said...

Hopefully I'm not a "Persona non grata" over here:}
{my wary sorry smile}

I missed your kind heart...

and figured you would be gracious and forgive my missteps and churlish observations of one of your good friends...


Sunny Rising Leather said...


you are most warmly welcome here any day you stop by- no apoplogies needed or required :)