Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shipping, Ahoy!!!

Lords and Ladies,

(well, mostly ladies....Lordly Ladies?)

I am changing my shipping profiles on my Etsy sites: I have been mailing some personal pieces around town (read: around USA) and my friends and family have been getting things quickly regardless of whether it was sent first class or priority.

Soooooo, here is the change: I will be sending pieces out first class with delivery confirmation from now on: obviously, if you've already ordered and paid Priority shipping that's how it will ship, but as of this very moment in time, it will go first class for four dollars.

Shipping to Canada will go back to being affordable as they now have tracking numbers for first class customs forms, so I am giving it a trial run to see if it feels good now - first class it shall ship!

Please see my shops' shipping profiles if you need more clarity.

A very exciting side note: I am changing all my external shipping to recycled materials: padded mailers with the filled pulp lining and corrugated boxes. I will be trying out the Kraft gummed paper tape, too, but unless I love it, chances are the tape itself will be the only thing you cannot recycle.

I feel a strong weight every time I send out a plastic bubble mailer, right on my heart. If I carry around a reusable coffee mug to the neighborhood places and a set of cloth bags to the grocery store and recycle here at home, shouldn't my business reflect my lifestyle?

The inside packaging is promising to be just beautiful, and also made from mostly recycled material... I cannot wait to show you!

Greening up a bit, 'tis all :)



Heather Fawn said...

Awesome Allison, how exciting!!! :)

jaunebleu said...

Fantastic, Allison! I use 95% recycled packaging and it has worked beautifully.

kerin rose said...

yay, this is exciting news! ( you know me, and how I feel about 'greening it up')!....

hopefully, I will be receiving one of these new packages soon...I have my eye on something...oxK

Illustratornette said...

This is exciting news. I love to hear about people practicing what they preach. Most business owners don't realize what a chance they have to impact other people through their business practices. Thanks Allison!

Camlo said...

Congrats on making this change! Feels good, don't it?

One of the reasons Seattle rocks is that there is more of a conscious effort to be green. I'm in love with weekly composting I tell ya! Personally, I am one of those "crazy" people who run around town picking up other peoples garbage:)

Let's hope that more folks join the bandwagon..