Monday, May 24, 2010


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Susie said...

What a great contest! :) that jam sounds AMAZING and there are few things better then a gift certificate to your lovley shops. Thanks so much for sharing with us!


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, you are just too adorable and what a thrill it would be to win!

I can't remember a single joke from the last 30 Rock episode even though it was hilarious and I watched it just last night...

Have a lovely vacation!


Dragonfly said...


Have a wonderful time on your trip this week! And thank you again for the beauty you create with your wonderful work; it brings so much pleasure to so many.


PS. My mother used to make fresh strawberry jam every year and it was the BEST!

Julz said...

Oh - I love contests especially ones for 2 of my favorite things - food and jewelry.


Katherine said...

I love that you introduced the contest with a video! Although it might actually make me miss you even more. Have a great trip and... PICK ME!! ;-)

Jennifer said...


That jam does indeed sound amazing. Your meyer lemon jam post a while back inspired me to try out canning. I just made the worst ever strawberry jam last week on my first attempt, but you continue to inspire me to try again!

Have a wonderful trip, and the only 30 Rock reference I can think of right now is "I want to go to there!"

-Jen in Honolulu

Jeweled Blossoms said...

Dearest Allison,

Your jam looks positively scrumptious. I promise my cupboard would provide a wonderful home for said jam. It would have wonderful company with my apricot mango jam, who is very friendly.

Much love,

sensitiveartist said...

nice video. my fave part was your laugh at the end. and I don't believe I've ever had homemade jam.

mme. bookling said...

YAY! I love your giggly face.

genie marie said...

that totally makes me wish we were neighbors! Have a wonderfully relaxing vacation!


Lizzy Derksen said...


I have never had lavender in jam before. I would love to try it.

Good Girls Studio said...

Yummy! You must share your recipe with us pretty please :) Have a wonderful trip!

4starrchick said...

Checking comments via, birthday, BBQ & bike!

Berkshire Hostess said...

Happy Trails, Allison! :)

Heather Fawn said...

That jam sounds AMAZING and a gift certficate?!?!?!?! What a cool contest!!!
Allison you are so lovely in your video and your kitty is so adorable. I have never in my life scene such a photogenic feline. He's a model kitty ;) Have a great vacation!!!!

MrsLittleJeans said...

You are so lovely and so pretty in that regal purple....oh kitty...he is adorable! xoxoxx

Kiki said...

That jam sounds delicious! Have an amazing trip!

Daniela said...

Hmmm, jam with lavender, must be delicious! We went for a walk today and actually found some lavender shrubs blooming. As for the jewellery-part: I absolutely would know what to choose :-)
Have a nice vacation
Daniela from France
P.S.: The cockatiels are still in love;-)

emmy d said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I am getting ready to leave for one myself this weekend. By the way, you have a lovely voice!

Bon Voyage!


beth & cody said...

Mmm.. Nothin' like homemade Jam!

Or homemade anything, for that matter.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Cinder says said...

While you are enjoying your vacation, I will be listening to "Steady Heart". I love it. You are a very talented girl!
Thank you for this fun contest.
Happy trails.

Jaime said...


I love complete nonsense words - although not as much as seeing your shining face Allison! You are too cute ( and mighty generous)

Making jam sounds scary to me, although I am determined to try this summer... I do think you should send yours over my way though so I know what REALLY good jam tastes like. This way I have a standard to try and set myself heehee ;-p

Amy said...

Maybe this is only hilarious to me because it hits me hard in the centre of my Canadian heart, but my fave ever moment from 30 Rock made me laugh so long and hard my man capped it and put it up online (don't tell NBC) so I can watch it whenever I feel less than stellar:

If I were to win, I would give that jammy labour of love to said man who is a strawb jam fiend.

I would hold tight to the gift certificate until I was lucky enough to score a custom order listing in your metal shop because I have a bit of an homage-to-my-other-love-the-Yukon-ring in mind. I've been thinking about it for months and I know you could bring to lovely life.

Thanks for the opportunity and travel safe!

Char said...

Strawberries & Lavender sound sinful : ) Yummy! I would take the cat too, but he would have to put up with all of my boys, both furry and not. Plus I don't think your furry purry would like the travel time : D

Enjoy your trip!

reconstructing sarah said...

the jam sounds delicious...
just what a preggo needs :)

have a safe, wonderful trip!

Wendy said...

Yum, jam & a gift certificate would make me a very happy girl. Thanks for the great contest!

Jane said...

How exciting! Love the new ring - lucky gal who got it. Enjoy your vacation!

Jen Johnson said...


Cute video!!!!! Wow, jam AND a gift certificate? Well, if it helps, I remember a 30 Rock quote that made me laugh so hard a candy corn popped out of my nose. Salma Hayek says to Liz Lemon, "Isn't there a Slanket somewhere you should be filling with your farts?"

So your jam has strawberries AND lavender. That sounds unbelievable! I remember once I got lavender flavored ice cream from Whole Foods and Robin B. was with me and she smelled it and was like, "Mmmm! That smells like a bath!" We giggled like kids playing in an abandoned ravine.

PS. Also please tell me when you've made a Mommy Daddy Todd Mommy lavender jam. I believe the ingredients would include alarm clock chunks.

PPS. Remember Pinocchio buckey balls?

Love you!!! Miss you!!

--Jen Johnson :)

siobhan said...

i love contests! i also love jam! i always want to try new flavors but i can decide. a jam with lavender sounds amazing though.

ps...i also love your kitten

Elaine said...

Mmmmm, strawberry lavender jam just sounds so delicious! Are the strawberries perhaps from the Gilroy area? You have to try the Gilroy garlic festival sometime if you can (esp the garlic ice cream)... but I digress. Have a wonderful trip!!!

Heidi said...

"silver panther- the most handsome mammal of them all" :)

Angela said...

Strawberry and lavender together sounds absolutely amazing! *Fingers crossed*

amyrwyatt said...

Oh wow I do love jam so this is very tempting indeed. It must be the blonde thing but Jones definatly suits you. My cat's pretty too but so sooo naughty!


Dave said...

I am so honored to be singled out... I too have a sassy male cat that I would never give away...

He was insistant that he helped during my last quick youtube video... he arrives in the outtakes.

Cat said...

Now I know what to do with my two lavender plants! Hooray!! I bought them on a "ooh that'll be pretty" whim... Love that they have a true purpose. And what could be truer than jam?

jordan said...

oh how i love your little giggle ;)
has mr. jones been peeing outside the litterbox perchance?! bad kitty...i'm at your service if you need help in that area!


I'm yearning for some jam making i might just have to get on that and think about a jammy switcheroo with some of the other talented-in-the-kitchen ladies i know. did i tell you before about my rhubarb ginger jam?! TO DIE FOR.

anyway, this is getting awfully long for not saying much - love to you from me, have a wonderful trip!

susie said...

Wishing you safe travels and thanking you for this generous give away (unable to think of any clever 30 Rock references this morning-perhaps after some more coffee. Thanks again and good luck to all the lucky ladies and Dave.

CrowNology said...

Pick Me! Pick Me! Though not nearly as good for you as those strawberries...
How lovely...The whole bit!
Love the shirt you are wearing and the cat, of course.
Can't wait to try that jam...
Have a wonderful week Allison.

jessi sawyer said...

You have a smile that lights up a room, lady! The jam sounds amazing, AND a gift certificate? Be still my heart.


EmeliaRo said...

"WHUK!?" (not sure if I spelled that right or not but I do love me a good 30Rock reference every now and again :) I do hope I win as I've been pondering and mulling over what lovely piece of leather loveliness I'll be needing to order from you for a while now - DARN YOU INDECISIVENESS!!! If I win, WOO HOO (as I am also a lover of jam), but if not, I think this summer will definitely be the time to adorn myself with some Sunny :)
Love you lady :)

Corinna said...

So nice to see your sunny face!!


terry said...

"What the what?!?" A contest?!? Hooray!! Homemade strawberry jam is my absolute favorite and to have it laced with lavender sounds amaaaazing!! I covet your rings but my tiny fingers have been no match for the standard sizing, so I hope to have a custom-made beauty from you one day.

I wish you safe travels with an open heart and wide eyes, my dear :)



Nancy*McKay said...

...i'm PURRING for your strawberry~lavender jam...

can you hear it?

airchick said...

Alisunny I LOVE your work and wish most devoutly for a raven's wing cuff! I will not however take you bad boy - I have five felines and 2 pups. I'm hoping to win because pet food has me jewelry poor. ; )

Illustratornette said...

I get lovely compliments whenever I am wearing the chicken cuff you made for me. Thanks You!
Also, I want the jam!!! Cool video too!

Artiste Nouveau said...

Ou! That jam sounds divine! I hope I win :) Plus a gift certificate? Perfection. *fingers crossed*

Boganskya said...

I kinda hope Dave wins....but forfeits and I come in 2nd place! Hey that jam sounds soooo good.I don't know how you find time to do all the stuff you do.You must be a mega multi tasker. GO DAVE!

Scallywag said...

Yay for a contest! Hope I win! Your work is amazing and that jam looks delicious!

Kelly Reece said...

Tigers love pepper... they hate cinnamon.

LErecius said...

Strawberry Lavender?! OH MY!!

Sorry, no 30 Rock references. I don't watch television. But, I'll say "Glurg".

LErecius said...

I was having trouble signing in, so I don't know if you received my comment. I'm not trying to do a double entry, just wondering.


P.S. I did want to enter though, obviously ; )

P.P.S. I know how you feel about Petaluma. Love it!

Staci said...

Rose are red, violets are blue...I sure love jam (and Sunny Rising)...and blessings to YOU!

Lots of love future neighbor! I'll be in San Jose in a few weeks!

Staci DeStefano <3

carriex3 said...

too fun!!!!!!!!!!
You are soooooooooooooo talented...
I would LOVE$ to try your jam:)
And as always your handmade treasures...
have a great vacation,

Lindsey said...

that jam sounds yummy!thanks!

cindyh. said...

The strawberry~lavander jam sounds heavenly!

You're such a talented artist, I'm always looking forward to your new creations!

Thanks for the generous giveaway (my fingers are crossed)!

songbird said...

Thank you for the contest -- please count me in! We all should be so lucky to be jammin" !!

Angela's Alchemy said...

Home-made Strawberry Lavender Jam! YUM!
Thank you!

Nialah said...

Hi Allison,

You are such a deliciously delightful person. Thank you so much for offering such precious gifts.



wadiefong said...

wheeeee!!!! :-D
The jam sounds so lovely! Who would have thought of combining lavender and strawberry. The way you clutch the jar, it must taste like gold, so I'll cross my fingers and hope for a taste of sunshine :-).

I also LOVE both of your shops. Hope you have a nice vacation, and thank you for such a fun contest!

Anita said...

Love your blog, love your craft, love your voice, and love your cat(s)!

I DO do. (30 Rock season finale reference so I hope you saw it!)


Brooke said...

Allison, I love how the beginning of your video was like a kids' show - waiting for responses from the audience. You are the cutest. This jam sounds heavenly and the $60 gift certificate sounds even heavenlier!

Hope you're having a fabulous vacation.


PeachyKeenCreations said...

Hello cutie!

Can't wait to have you back in the shop! I mean, that sounds terrible, but you are like some sort of metal/leather sorceress. <3 I've been sharing your work with my boyfriend and sister and they think you're amazing too! Yea!

I believe if I got such wonderful jam, I would have to buy my own little mini fridge for it, and a lock, so that my family would not get it! That combination sounds so delicious I can almost taste it already. And even if I don't win, I'll have to try and find a recipe to make on my own (although it will be far substandard and less spectacular).

Looking forward to having you back lady, and hope your trip is giving you tons of inspiration!

Love always.

mamafelt said...

Blessings to you and yours! I adore you. Thank you for sharing YOU with all of US!

Jessie said...


InkyTonka said...

Ooh, that jam sounds divine! Almost as tasty as a $60 gift certificate!

I wore the City Valentine earrings for the first time today - LOVE them!

Hope you have a fabulous holiday!


Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

so lovely to hear your voice :)

and who wouldn't love to enjoy some of your delicious jam!?

have a fantastic vacation, Allison!


Erin Bowe said...

A most generous contest! Jam is NOT easy to make -- I would (almost) feel guilty robbing you of a single ounce!

Your shops are absolutely gorgeous -- I'm lucky to have happened upon them and find out about your contest. Yay!


P.S. I have a bad cat too. Maybe we could trade. ;)

oh pangaea said...

The jam sounds RIDICULOUSLY delicious. And as for the gift certificate, I know EXACTLY how I would use it :)

Your blog is an absolute delight to read. And I just love that you own 2 of my books. Makes me smile from ear to ear.


Sophie said...

I drool!
Please please please pick me!
Your jewelry is so awesome, I have to own some (didn't mean for that to rhyme).
Enjoy your vacation :-)


Sunny Rising Leather said...

You have all filled my heart to the brim with kindness and warmth and I truly love you.


Bisquit said...

Oh my goodness. The door could have shut on me...but I am drooling at the thought of tasting that jam.

Sunny you are a cheery spot on this little blog planet and I appreciate your insight, peace and calmness when you approach things. You are an inspiration and role model for so many more than you know. Keep at it. I can't believe how incredibly talented you are by the way....lapidary skills on top of all the are a homemade MAVEN especial!

Your friend across cyber waves, always.
Be well.
xoxo, Kristin

UmberDove said...

Holy Mother of Thor! STRAWBERRY LAVENDER?!?!

(I hope I'm not too late...)

And I completely get it - I'm one greedy bastard when it comes to jam so I think an 8 oz jar is more than generous.

In other agreements, I also get the kitty boy situation, and I always need to remind myself that kitties have mischief in their hearts (even the very best ones) that occasionally (all the freaking time) comes out in the form of regurgitated grass on my shoes. Gross.

But that jam, that is not gross as at.


wadiefong said...

Must have jam! I hope my comment makes it, as I haven't seen the first one I entered :-(

Glad to see that your vacation was a good one!