Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mouth Math



Lavender (and lemons and sugar)


Strawberry Lavender Jam!!

This delicacy is going to factor into a giveaway I'll be doing before I leave on my vacation: I'll leave the entry open and check and approve comments from afar: stay tuned!

In other news, I went to Petaluma on Friday where I did yoga, drank lavender lemonade and said a farewell to my sisterly visitor.

I am kind of wavering between being very watery-eyed and calm this past day or so: I forgot how much I loved being around people
and I forgot how much I adored Petaluma.

During Shivasana, my favorite teacher of all time played my song "For the Weary" and I melted.
What a homecoming.

The chef at Central Market implored me not to be a stranger, and my favorite male waiter greeted me with a hug: I did have a life there, fragile and tenuous as it was, it was something.

I picked up a little something to bezel set for myself, and it got my heart and mind going: I am going to seek out some more of the piece that I found to make a series for the shop:
they are vintage
hand painted

I have set the date of June 17th for when I will begin taking Metal Shop Only custom orders again. I will close the list at 6 orders.

I am thinking of making them as listings in the shop, because I have to figure out a finite system - requests are always coming in, regardless of what my shop announcement says and even though I adore the fact that people wish for me to make things, I cannot keep up enough to respond to everything most weeks.

I'll definitely figure out what system I'll use before the 17th and let you know here and in the shop announcement section!

How is your weekend? What have you done to relax?

Contest info to follow in a few days :)



kerin rose said...

heya ho lovely one!.....take a gander at my todays post, and you shall see what I did...would have been fun to have some soul-sisterly company there....tho' I did bring the pups, who swam like demons!....

and wow, you sure are a culinary diva too..strawberry lavender! yum!

sylvestris said...

Oh so delectable an equation!

Re Petaluma: I know what it's like to have feet planted in two places...good at times, so hard at times.



Two Bees said...

Looks wonderful!
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip with lovely company!

beth & cody said...

Strawberry Lavender! What a glorious concoction!
What is the creamy stuff it's mixed with? I bet it would be delicious over ice cream....
I'm a new follower of your blog- Keep up the beautiful words, photos, songs, and creations!

Your new fan-
Bee from windy Wyoming

susie said...

YUM! The lavender is blooming,and the strawberry patch is taking off, I may need that recipe :)

This weekend I lunched and thrifted and celebrated my son's birthday. I do believe there may have been some margaritas thrown in as well Saturday night after work and some heartfelt giggles with some good friends. No complaints here.

Enjoy your travels and take care as always.