Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Family Tradition is Born

The little woman you see in this picture is not alone.... not alone at all.
Hovering over the kneading of the bread right over her left shoulder is the most wonderful mother.

She just happens to be across the country, experiencing the same grey, drizzly day we've had here in San Jose.

Mommy, I could feel you near with every move as I made the bread you've been making since we were too little to appreciate it...
the bread I salivate about when I tell friends how sweet and cake-like it is (my mouth is watering just writing about it!!)

The very loaves that mean Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving all rolled into one:
holy bread.

I remember you speaking to me in December as I mixed in your kitchen,
telling me not to be afraid of the dough, feeling the slight breeze you left as you bustled right and left behind me, preparing ten things at once, all destined for incredibly happy palates.

You are such a wizard in the kitchen: I cannot believe it took ten years out of college, but over the past year I've been well-bitten by the nesting bug, and I find great peace and solace in a good kitchen:

I can't wait to share this space with you at the City Manse: it's incredible!

Your words whispered to me as I kneaded, finding a rhythm that felt right. It felt like meditation... like I could maybe solve world peace over a sturdy kitchen island.

Or at least inner peace :)

I love you more, Mommy.

No, more than that: I knew you longer.



Emily said...

That kitchen is absolutely adorable!

Also, yay for making bread! I made challah recently and it was a completely wonderful experience. To many more loaves!

mywifesstudio said...

Hmmm, I can smell the bread baking now. Warm bread and butter...

Dave said...

the first date Lori and I were on she made me Oatmeal Raisen cookies... pure love.


mme. bookling said...

What a precious, soulful little kitchen you have. I have a mental picture of your new house, and it's just as cute as a button!

Heather Fawn said...

OMG this made me cry. How sweet, what a precious, precious post. I hope one day my daughter thinks of me as you do your mommy :) I know I cherish my mommy, even still calling her mommy at 28 ;) And yum, yum, yummy, homemade bread, I imagine the sweet scents filling your home and dancing out the doors and windows teasing the nearest neighbors noses.

Taddyporter said...

Oh! Now that made a lovely loaf of goodness I am sure and the nutty buttery yeasty smellllll that emanated from that oven was heaven YES....I thought of mama wolf several times throughout the day isn't that just something, I was picking up on your love vibes. and bigBIG love to you sweet sassy littlemama. Have a deliciously magical gentle joyous week...

Good Girls Studio said...

What a sweet tribute to your mother!

CrowNology said...

Great post and great space!
(the word verification is allie...)

Two Bees said...

What a wonderful post, thank you for sharing!

Alice Istanbul said...

Such a sweet post, Allison. Your Mom is lucky to have such a loving daughter. I hope I have as close a relationship with mine when she gets older. (and now I want to learn how to make bread! will you teach us?)

Angela said...

What a lovely tribute :)

I love our bread machine but I have yet to master making bread by hand. You make it sound like meditation--- I think I need to try.