Friday, May 14, 2010

A Soulful Time

I was halfway through a custom order (the eclipse stone in yellow up there in yonder picture)
and the design I had chosen to represent something in the lady's life just announced that it was not finished:

So I moved on to a sweet high-domed Botswana Agate I'd been waiting to set for some time:

It's the idea of the infinite in things: in life, in love and in surrender.

To me, God and Mother Nature are such powerful creators that I feel nothing is out of reach: truly, if you want something it does exist somewhere.

Should we cling to one form, to one thing it means that ten thousand wonderful options elsewhere languish.

These designs carry the four winds and a sense of completion, what with all the circular elements, but each ring is reaching, reaching toward something just to the east
just over that next hill
across town
through the woods.

In the midst of such delightfully heavy thoughts I added a side of candy:

Flourite in yellow, green and purple,
happily and solidly encased in a wonderful sterling shell.

Surprisingly large and yet light and airy in both weight and energy.

Oh, yes!

Listing these lovelies in a few and then off to a weekend that looks
like it's going to be pure joy.

Thanks so much for your respectful, thought-provoking and wonderful comments on my post yesterday: I cannot express my gratitude enough for your friendship and input.

Love you,


MrsLittleJeans said...

I have to say it again...wowser, I think my last comment did not go through I was so hasty ; )


susie said...

the rings are amazing, they almost seem to be moving as if blowing in the wind, so fluid - just lovely.

Thank you for your kind words yesterday, enjoy your weekend!

Jaime said...

Love love love them!
Looks like someone has some serious creative mojo going these days!


Heather Fawn said...

I second what Jamie said! That Eclipse Stone is soooooo amazing!!!!

Artiste Nouveau said...

Etsy blog has a new video up that I thought you might enjoy:

It's about Billykirk :)

Kelly Reece said...

Wow! These are just absolutely beautiful!!! The Botswana ring is so calming to look at:-)