Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bursting with Life

Sometimes the most creative ideas come right before bed or right before waking... the back of the bird skull bag came to me yesterday in the middle of lunch -
I believe it was chicken pot pie from Trader Joe's, so delicious it's liable to give everyone epiphanies of many a different nature!

Since the front of the bag is the representation of death, I wanted the back of the bag to represent rebirth without actually using the word...
Behold, the sprouting of a bean, just like we all remember from third grade science!

What you don't see yet is the bean flower that will be winding through all four life cycle illustrations, completing the circle on the actual bag leather.


Dendritic Agate ring in size 6, anyone?

Opal (the fire in this one is EPIC and red) flower necklace with gaspeite rounds (toward the clasp, can't miss their effervescent green...) and the agate necklace I spoke of
yesterday...isn't it JUST like a hill on a summer evening?

Rounding out the bunch is a pair of delightful carnelian earrings!
These and yesterday's pieces will be in the shop likely Friday morning, with bells on.
If tomorrow flows, though, they may be in the shop in the evening... we'll see!

And why am I studying lapidary when it's so obvious that I already need a clone? Ask me in a few weeks after my flat lap machine arrives and I cut my first cabs...

there must be a way to do it all!!!
(there's not, I hear)

Love you,


Good Girls Studio said...

Very cool! Love it! Just like 3rd grade science projects :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bean sprout and can't wait to see the completed bag!

CrowNology said...

A time machine.
A cloning device.
No sleep. Einstein is said to have slept very little...Why not you?
I think you can do it all but not a lot of everything and behaps not "the best" at it all...Though it seems you may be the exclusion my dear! You do it all so wonderfully!
How exciting!
I bought a lapidary book last week...Though I'm not sure about it yet...
Amazing work Allison!

MrsLittleJeans said...

This is so exciting ... and the bag already sounds way too beautiful!


Jaime said...

oh my gosh Allison, you continue to amaze me over and over!
Your work is stunning, just as I knew it would be. But now you are gonna start cutting cabs?
*swoon* You are living the dream my dear!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

GGS: aren't they all still fascinating? xo!

LizR: Me too!! :) So nice to 'see' you :)

Crow: well, you and I can figure it out together, the cabbing stuff, from blog to blog :)

MLJ: Eeeeek!! :)

Jaime: You are too sweet - I am definitely aware of the new learning curve and it's daunting, but man I love rocks :)

Lori said...

The carnelian earrings are to die for. In fact, everything is. I just stumbled over here and am in love with your work. Anything I do pales in comparison. :)

Kelly Reece said...

Wow!! You've been working really REALLY hard!! Looks amazing! And very cool that you're reading up on lapidary. From seeing your work with metal and leather...I'm starting to think you CAN do everything!

kerin rose said...

ah, you are goin' all conceptual on us! love, love!

JudyB said...

You have to post about the cab cutting! Good luck, I'm dying to try myself!

Michelle - Revelate said...


It stirred within me the fact that birds are magnificent tree planters...
you know...
since they eat seeds...
and eventually...

... well you know the rest :)

Lindsey said...

that bag is amazing!!!!! you have inspired me to take up leather work! i wanted to tell you that awhile back but just never got around to it.
thanks for being an inspiration to me. and you always have such a great attitude on life! love the blog. thanks for sharing. and ps-small world but i grew up in bethel park pa.

Two Bees said...

Oh you will love this!!!