Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Return and a Leap

Getting back from trips where I see my beloved family and friends is always a challenge: tired from driving and full of happy memories, one returns to the lovely life they left and normalcy returns.

Yesterday I thought the only thing I would accomplish was mailing orders at the P.O., but I came home and sat on the front porch swing and a few new designs came swooping down into my noggin and I flew to the studio on a lightning bolt of energy and excitement!!

The ring on the right is a custom order from the way way past (May is my catch-up month for the previous few) and on the left is a fire agate ring of epic proportions...

Sometimes certain custom orders are waiting for a leap design: I sat and stared at the Bronzite for a good long while for a good long time and yesterday when my mind filled with unfurling seedlings (literally!) I knew its design was born.

Oh the fire agate.....

detailed to its very core with a pierced design that embodies what I imagine a seed to look like as it becomes a plant.

The ring is a size 8.5

P.S. -
the metal shop will have an update with this week's goodies on Thursday or Friday when they've all been completed and photographed!

While I made it my mind was filled with wonder: last week's painful moments seem to have watered something beautiful.... it's almost as though from the stark challenge we experience is born a sense of surrender that allows a divine touch to come through
perhaps we're now quiet enough to feel it, to recognize its energy...
we see this emotional place as a defeat of sort, but what if it's an epiphany?

I wanted to share the other stones I am working with this week, (aside from a few other custom orders that are getting finished):

Amethyst Sage Agate: it looks like a hill on a summer evening in the countryside of the midwest.... the setting is simple.

Laguna Agate in pink, yellow and white with a secondary Peruvian pink opal: a new two stone ring!

Dendritic Agate, a tiny tree forever trapped in crisp white agate, stark and rich.

I've also begun working on a big bag with a bird skull front and a thick elk hide body in a gorgeous shade of marigold yellow...

When I finally fell into bed last night it was well past midnight and I had worked more than an eight hour day.

I am off to continue making with the zeal of the obsessed!

A note: I am needing to revamp my custom order system to ensure the bliss of my customers while protecting myself as an artisan... for the meantime my Leather Shop is not open for customs, but my Metal Shop will be in June.

Please understand that this inconvenience will mean a more structured system in the future, which will make the wait more than worth it!

With all the love in the world,


MrsLittleJeans said...

My goodness, you accomplish so much while also traveling?!!! We all felt a kiss coming our way this past weekend, now we know it was from you...thank you dearest Allison...we needed it so! xoxo

CrowNology said...

I love the pierced band of the ring. So precious. Perfect.

Corinna said...

Whooooo----soooo lovely!! I don't think I have ever been so excited about a leather piece, and I love your leather work! Whoa. I cannot wait to see the bag. Will you post some more progress shots, pretty please dahling?? I've got shivers.


gallerydarrow said...

I'm not such a blog hopper lately but it was fun to see your face on mine :) Looks like you've been inspired too! Lovely work as always Mrs. Sunny. Keep the silver dust flying.......

Dave said...

I was talking about jewelry today and used you as a trend setter... sleep well... rest those pipes and sing a few lines...

Now I wonder long hours with jewelry ... need some new music? I love to challenge those senses too.

emmy d said...

Such gorgeous work! Can't wait til you are back taking custom orders....I have one that I would LOVE to share with you and request when that time comes!

The Noisy Plume: said...

ELK HIDE.....................