Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Collaboration Love

Upon a nest of kelp, tooled with a firm yet delicate hand, lies a lovely round of recycled sterling art made by the one and only Kerin Rose.

Kerin's work, in person, exudes soul and carries an energy of love, compassion and rarity that is palpable.
It feels like a prayer in your hand.

Here are Kerin's own words about turtle lore and her process:

"Through thousands of years and in many cultures, turtles have captured out imaginations. Ancient North American peoples believed that the world rested on the turtle's back. In some Far Eastern cultures, it was believed that the turtle's represented Heaven and its underbelly represented Earth.
The turtle symbolized the possibility of uniting Heaven and Earth within one's own life. Sea turtles were here with the dinosaurs, surviving the Ice Age and they remain in our seas today and speak to us with their beautiful energy...
Turtles naturally withdraw and go inot their shells when danger is present... they know how to take care of themselves; their instincts tell them when it is time to turn away from the outside world and be self-protective. Turtle carries her home on her back and is at home within herself and her own heart. Turtle energy is innocent, as they have few predators, and is associated with the ideals of longevity, wisdom, strength, perseverance and truth. Symbolizing the element of water, wear turtle to remind yourself that whatever path you are choosing, slow steady patience and going with the flow will bring great satisfaction and accomplishment over fast but flighty results.

Hand carved in beeswax and cast in recycled sterling silver, I carved this turtle medallion to represent the element of water in my 4 elements bracelet... go with the flow, and remember: the good things in life are worth waiting for."

Our collaboration has been too long in coming: several months ago after the big move she sent me four gorgeous medallions, while I waited for the right time and the right imagery to encircle them in leather.

The color was created using a resist and a tremendously rich and caramel-y saddletan, my very favorite antique for hide.

Hand stitched with braided waxed thread, this particular bracelet will fit from a 6 to 6.25 inch wrist. It is at once elegant, rustic and evokes the best of the ocean.

Prayers for the Gulf are all over this piece: for the birds, fish, plant life and the men and women who make their livelihood in those waters.

I will be donating 15% of its asking price to

Please consider making a donation on your own time as well. This is a tragedy of such epic proportions.

I will be putting this special piece in the Leather Shop tomorrow morning.

As Kerin would write,



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Nancy*McKay said...

...i LOVE this...every bit of this...
& i LOVE YOU BOTH immensely!!!