Friday, June 11, 2010

Flower Power

A corsage is defined as a small bouquet that women wear on special occasions: A ball, a wedding and all manner of fancy moments....

What about the excitement of simply rising out of bed to face the wonders and mystery of a brand new day?

How about that moment of recognition when you look in the mirror and realize you trust yourself more than you did yesterday, knowing thyself a little bit more?

Perhaps celebrating the passing of a test, the perfection of a Mozart sonata for piano or giving birth?

Everyday life is filled with fancy moments, too - we just have to claim them as special, or they go by unritualized (thanks, Mom) or uncelebrated.

I began my corsage series with this is mind: a cuff that feels like a big deal that can be worn everyday - I tweaked the design a bit from the prototype I made the other day and came away with a keeper:

Tooled deeply, painted gently in a gorgeous pink, yellow and toffee monochrome rainbow...

Shaped carefully and gently lined in ebony to bring out the colors...

Fastened with a silvertone snap

And likely to cause all manner of not only elegance, but very silly poses and utter happiness.
This first piece fits a six inch wrist and will be in the

Love to you,


Kelly Reece said...

These are seriously great. And your post really made me rethink the "typical" day :-) How inspirational you are!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Like the proposed philosophy, love the corsage, and boy you are muscular in addition to being lovely! : )


Anonymous said...

It is SO beautiful, Allison.

And lookit your buff arm! All that tooling and smithing must be good exercise.

dailycoyote said...

Check out those guns!! DAYUM!!! xo.

Dave said...

post more of these serious poses... you are adorable.


Louise said...

I am lusting after that cuff.....its the bees knees...xoxo

airchick said...

Love this! I want a raven's wing AND a big purple black flower (or koi - or all of the above).


Brooke Arin said...

You are awesome.

Lizzy Derksen said...

I love the idea of an everyday corsage. This one looks so chic and comfortable as well.

My husband and I agree that your biceps are impressive.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Dearest everyone,

My biceps say, "thank you" for the kind words. You have made both of them too big for their britches: think it's bad when someone's head swells up with pride, well- imagine someone's arms!!
Sheesh ;)


sylvestris said...

Late to the commentary, but...that is one FINE design, and I second Shreve!