Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everything is coming up Flowers!

dang he's on to something... new and old all at once.

I am also dancing because a series I began last week has come to fruition and beautifully to boot:
the theme was earrings- asymmetrical pieces of the same stone - not butterfly-ed, just nearly similar pieces of some of my favorite rocks:

Pyrite in Quartz (droooool)
precious Arizona turquoise, nearly the last of my stash
Wild Horse Magnesite, like snow and earth...

I love the fact that you need to look twice before you can see the difference, but they're there, just like your fingerprints.
The carved blossoms are something I fear I may not find again:
perfect pink carved stone, petal soft and cool to the touch.

These three pairs of earrings will be in the Metal Shop in a little while,
full of love and beauty.

In the Leather Shop, flowers are the theme as well:

Tooled Classic Blossom pattern....
Rich colors, resist-peach, tawny caramel and chocolate edging.

Off to the sweets drawer for some dark chocolate while I list:
who knew leather could make me hungry?



kerin rose said...

swing it, sistah!......

reconstructing sarah said...

you make my heart happy.


Kiki said...

Those earrings are heart meltingly beautiful. They beg to be both played with and quietly admired!
The belt buckle also grabs your eye and refuses to let go.
Lovely work as usual!

Good Girls Studio said...

dance on dancer :) Looove the new ear baubles!

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

love it when things are blooming!
beautifulness all around :)