Friday, June 4, 2010

WINNER!!!!! :)


P.S - the moment where I tell you not to 'lurk'? It came out far more 'mom'-like than what I was going for - it was meant to be a friendly invitation to make yourself known so I can more readily adore the person behind the avatar

That is all :)

xoxoxoxoxoxo and happy Friday,


MrsLittleJeans said...

Congratulations to Emelia and you are so adorable! Happy Friday!


CrowNology said...

Very sweet...I love how your eyes show your emotion/excitement!

Taddyporter said...

Hey MOM! you sounded totally sweet and not bossy a bit(oh maybe just a littleteehee)...happy Friday to you and Emily is gonna loooooove that magic elixir in a jar. Give your little clan a bear hug and love life this weekend *smmmmooooch*

Sunny Rising Leather said...

MLJ: the happiest of Fridays to you, too!!!

Crow: sometimes I wish I could have a poker face: that will never happen!! ;)

Taddy: I am a bossy boots if there ever was one - you and your brood are getting hugs in return - squeeeeeeeze!!!

Kelly Reece said...

You are wayyyy too awesome and adorable! Thought you should know! ;-)

Louise said...

that was a really sweet post. I usually do lurk, and really enjoy your blog, but you shamed me into saying're adorable.

Sunny Rising Leather said...


I confess to lurking on your blog, too - Dukey makes me smile and your work is amazing - there- we're even Stephen :)


UmberDove said...

Cheers Cheers Miss! I'm so excited for Emily; I was literally JUST writing a convo chatting about how spectacular she is, so it's great to see some love headed her way.

I'm glad you're home too.
- U

Cinder says said...

Emelia, Congratulations! My cousins' daughter had her first child 2 days ago...she named her Emelia! Love your name.
Allison, I also lurk and love your blog, your voice and admire your talents. You make me smile.:)

Dave said...

Could I ever be accused of lurking?... Ha... maybe we're all sinners sometimes...


Vita said...

WHAAAAT?? I missed a draw???!! And for lavendar jam!!?? BOOOO meeeee! Geeez, I need to step up my A-game! :o)
Aww congrats to a lucky Em!

EmeliaRo said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I've been out of town all weekend and just saw your post!!!! I very nearly peed my pants!!!!! :) (I will contribute that mostly to sheer elation but I do have to acknowledge that that may also have been in part to the weakening of my "lady muscles" after havin' babies... yikes... too much information... Oh WHAT THE HECK! I FLIPPIN WON STRAWBERRY LAVENDER JAAAM!!!!!) Ok. Just BREATHE. Whew. There. Ok.
EEK! Thank you SO much and I hope you know how very thrilled I am to have won such a spectacular gift from someone I truly adore :)
VERY happily,
PS As much as it will PAIN me, I will indeed share my jam with my little women, though Mr. G will be ON HIS OWN. :)