Monday, June 21, 2010

One For Me....One For You!

I spent some of my precious beach glass on a pair of earrings to remind me of spring and Bodega Bay and all good things: if you are a craftsperson, you need to make yourself things every once in a while: your techniques and creativity should be your spoils.

I spent a lot of hours and a lovely duo of stunning rhodonite in a sparkly black material (tenorite? Quartz?)
and a small round of rhodochrosite.

The theme of the piece is rebirth (all birth in general) and movement. Negative spaces in the design give it depth and a curlique strand lends a sense of play and lightness to the design.

It has a really wide band and fits a size 8 finger.
It will find its way into the Metal Shop this afternoon!


P.S. San Francisco was magic - White truffle oil drizzled fries were consumed. Salted caramel ice cream was devoured. Walks on the beach and extremely good friends did abound!!

13 comments: said...

You should join Crafting for Ourselves on flickr - you're right, you need to make things to keep once in a while. Beautiful earrings, btw :: lynn

jessi sawyer said...

oh man...truffle oil AND salted caramel ice cream...two of my most favorite things to consume!!

Beautiful pieces. Everything I used to make was for me...perhaps a little selfish, but I could definitely use a touch of selfish right now!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, love, love, love! The earrings are wonderful and I adore the strong sense of movement the ring has.

I've not had the chance to enjoy any of the aforementioned delicacies. They sound so good!

Happy Monday!

tattooedblogger said...

Your earrings are to die for!!!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Silver: Ooooh, I need to do that - thank you for the link!

Jessi Sweet: Seriously. My stomach was in heaven :)

Em: get on down here to SF and I'll take you truffle oil fry hunting :)

TB: I am working on a pair for the shop with turquoise and one with variscite - so excited :)

Taddyporter said...

YUMMMMM those fries and caramel salted(does it get better than thatnooooo)ice cream????? and your most pretty blush-tinted face as well as those soft shell-hued earrings have me all of want and needing to stride carelessly along a strand of sand enveloped by the bluest blue......ahhhhhhh.

tattooedblogger said...

Really? I would be partial to the turquoise :)

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

i couldn't identify more... i always forget to make things for myself. trying to remind myself that it's okay to create just for me sometimes.

lovely pieces. both of them treasures!!

there's something so lovely about the transformation implied in the landscape of your ring and the tamed seaglass in the earrings.

beautiful :)

Runs4fun said...

oh my. your earrings are divine and suit you to a 't'...just lovely.

Alice Istanbul said...

Wow, the ring is just stunning. Every last detail of it. And the earrings, too!

CrowNology said...

This photo of you really captures me! It is perfect!
It would be a wonderful watercolour with the lovely tones...
Your work is beautiful...

Vita said...

THOSE earrings!!! ♥♥
Beautiful pieces Allison!!!

Lilnut said...

great, beautyfool, lovely:)