Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked at an exclusive country club.
For the most part, it was utter hell and I was in a bad way every time the alarm clock rang and I knew my fate for the next eight hours.
Oh, yeesh!!

There were, however, a few pluses to my job.
The waitstaff and other workers were for the most part terrific and wonderfully kind people, which made taking abuse at the clawed hands of Botox addicts somehow bearable.

Another gem?
I named him that for no particular reason: all I can say is that it fit him well;
'he' being a squirrel whose sex I couldn't be bothered to investigate!

Two fifteen minute breaks per day, I went down to the tennis courts and got a cup of peanuts from the snack shop and for the duration of my break, Mark would dance in and out of my hands, sometimes sticking around even after the food was gone

sitting quietly with me
under the breezy palm trees
amid the ladies and lords of leisure...

it is with him in mind that I make this purse
and let me tell you:
it's a pleasure to remember his lovely little self.



jaunebleu said...

Mark is sure lovely, Allison!

Jaime said...

Such a sweet little squirrel Allison! He would fit in right at home with Fluffy and Squeakers in our backyard heehee


Camlo said...

I have an entire gang of squirrels that frequent my yard 3 times a day, like clockwork. We have ritual feeding times for Bob Ross and his crew.
Yes. My favorite has been christened with the moniker of everyone's favorite fro wearing painter.
Ain't life grand?

Beautiful work once again Miss Alison:)

Two Bees said...

You do such amazing work!

Boganskya said...

I love the story behind Mark....and the leather work is a wonderful tribute to a little friend who got you through the whole country club nightmare. I'm sure the finished piece will be awesome beyond words!

Thomasin Durgin said...

a lovely story and GORGEOUS bag!

sylvestris said...

"...abuse at the clawed hands of botox addicts" ... ha! That's good!