Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank Goodness.

Soul Sister in my Easy Chair

Fresh baked bread on the Viking cooling off...

Collaboration with the fantabulous Kerin Rose brewing...

My lapidary efforts looking a bit more.... lapidary..(!)

Custom order in its final riveting stages...

Today was an answered prayer: this last week has caught me lagging and existentially sad
and fearful in a way I cannot find words for;

just 'being human' stuff.

Terra being here unexpectedly (she found out she's playing a full set at SF Lilith Fair this morning, which means I see her again in a few weeks!!! Squeee!!) and staying for another night
means I get to be with a girlfriend who feeds my heart and soul.

I needed this.
It has stoked my creative fire
and given me a day of hugs and heart-to-hearts my weary spirit so needed.

Sending you all love and a slice of homemade bread with salted butter.
My mouth watered just typing that :)



Kelly Reece said...

Cool!! You're doing a great job at lapidary-ing... it's a word.

susie said...

-Tell your house guest her voice gave me goose bumps (off to check out more songs in a minute)
-Your lapidary work is looking extremely lapidary, maybe you could cut that morganhill poppy jasper slab for me and we could split the cabs
-suffering from bread envy
-really dig the dragon flies

Have a wonderful evening.

MrsLittleJeans said...

My mouth just watered too...enjoy! XO

jaunebleu said...

Allison, great job on your cab! Looks curvy and lovely1


Bill Martin said...

You are a pro at cabbing already? Although I assumed that you would be:) Awesome cab!

Andewyn Designs said...

I love Terra! Just saw her in Nashville this past Sunday....What a treat~ Glad you're having a good visit, time with girlfriends can make all the difference.



airchick said...

Oh doll - Emmylou Harris salts her bread and butter and that image brought an old friend who's since passed back to me. Thank you.

liz r. said...

Glad you're working through your tough emotions--you always do, of course.

Accepting your bread gladly and passing back my homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Love your cabs!