Friday, June 18, 2010

Something to Burn off the Hurt

I went into the studio today with my soul on fire...
so many women in my life right now are aching and I wanted to make something that would ease the discomfort, but I was overwhelmed with a love so fierce for all of them that everything seemed hot to the touch.

The world is in turmoil.... my girls are in pain.

So I gathered all that heat and heart and poured it into a simple pair of blood-red carnelian earrings.

On the back are three flame seedlings, tiny fires to burn off the hurt so fresh growth can burst forth and repopulate the world with new ideas
new joys
a tiny jingling tag creating music when you walk, laugh and chop cilantro.

Light and inspiration for this worldly path.

To say that these were prayed over would be an understatement: they were infused with healing energy, love and extreme care.

These will be in the Metal Shop very shortly.

Tomorrow I am going to dedicate my yoga practice to my women, my tribe.

May we all find the pearl that waits in that murky darkness.

Love and Might,


The Noisy Plume: said...

Feeling that care.

susie said...

This past year I saw a childhood friend through a leukemia diagnosis. To say it was hard would be a grave understatement.

Prayers and well wishes for you and your girls. Here's to better days and good health

Theresa said...

Those are really gorgeous! I love how the red burns through.

Even though I haven't been in touch in, oh, forever, I'm so glad to hear you're in the Bay Area! I'm in Oakland - we should get together sometime!

Theresa, of custom leather camera case fame :)

Illustratornette said...

I love the way the cut outs give a new layer to your piece. Something special to secret out if one is looking. I hope to see more of this in your work, its a clever idea.

kerin rose said...

fight fire with creative fire, I always say!..........can feel the power of these through the little screen here, I surely can......

dailycoyote said...

these are gorgeous ~

everything about them!

and you.

~ S

Dave said...

now you've made my heart sad for your girls... but joyous in your craft.

mme. bookling said...

Can't help but feel that I belong to this tribe. Thank you, A!

Michele said...


I love the light shining through those earrings. Are they heavy? Would a slightly smaller stone work as well?

I also love the idea that healing comes through strength ... and fighting the pain.