Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Contest Update

blowing kisses all around the world

Dearest Dearests,

I lost by two votes: we fought the good fight!!!

I am super excited for the girl who won: Nashville is a gem :)

Onwards to yoga with the woman who gave me life!!



Anonymous said...


love and light

WillowMetals said...

Allison, I am super bummed. I thought you had this one for sure. Well, no matter what your a winner in my eyes, that's for sure. I think the world just has bigger plans for you and they will unfold to be great. Has to be, right? I believe in karma and if karma is what I imagine it to be you have a lot of great things heading your way. I can't wait to watch them unfold for you♥

Kelly Z. said...

oh come on my ears you were truest, bluest and amazing...nashville doesn't know who it's missin'.:)
all my (stilllily)best to you.

Two B's said...

TWO votes? Amazing! I am just a bit sad for you but we all know you are headed for a wonderful life, even if it;s not this trip to Nashville!

DalaHorse said...


nova by tess said...

oh no that is such a bummer!!
But you are already a winner in my eyes!

Sending hugs and kisses

MrsLittleJeans said...

o wow...only two votes! So you are almost there, almost, almost! I feel that I still need to congratulate you... xoxoxo

Alice Istanbul said...

I didn't know about this until now. I'm so sad :(

In my heart I believe something better is waiting for you, just around the bend.

PS - Yoga makes everything better. xox

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful, Allison.

The Noisy Plume: said...


SilverLinesJewelry said...

Bummer... :( 2 votes????
Something better will come :) I m sure!