Sunday, February 13, 2011

Radio Contest


It's time to come clean: I am a country music junkie.

No matter how often I enter weird and nerve-jangling contests
and swear, "I'll never do that again!"
I cannot seem to stop ...


There is a songwriting contest at my local station here in San Jose,
and I entered it.

I got through phase one: two Keith Urban tickets (YAAAAHOOOOOO!)
are mine....

the second phase involves singing live on air
and a possible trip to Nashville (to listen, not to sing ;)).

I'll let you know more when I get back, because I am going to be enlisting your help to give me wings!!!

Love and Twangy Vocals,


Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

Sending you lucky wishes Allison...
Not that you really need them. You are so talented it is only a matter of the right time. I'll soon be hearing your voice on the radios of Newfoundland I'm sure of it.
Luck and Love...

WillowMetals said...

Yay!!! So excited for you! And girl, you got this ;)

DalaHorse said...

Incredulously awesome....i have a feeling you could go all the way in this've definitely got the talent.....sending you lots of luck and good wishes!

liz r. said...

Go Allison go!

Violet Cadburry said...

You create such adventure in your life! Hang on tight, the train's leavin the station! Go for it girl:)

UmberDove said...

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? not the secret-junkie part but the wining tickets part!! Suh-wheeeet!

I'll do what ever you need. Even, and maybe especially if it involves some kind of dress up with a chicken head and the boot scootin' boogie. You just let me know.

Dave said...

yee haw... we all love Johnny Cash deep down inside. Wish you luck kid.


Nialah said...

Congratulations!!!! Sending you lots of cheers and good luck vibes.



Sybil Ann said...

You will kick behind sweetness. Sing something that can make a genuine connection and don't try to sound country and you will win!

Make them cry - and if you can, make them laugh. You're too good not to take the whole thing.

Illustratornette said...

Really happy for you, Allison!
I know you'll knock their socks off!

Corinna said...

Can't wait for the opportunity to be your groupie!

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Eeek! How exciting - your voice will make them all swoon, I know it!
Count on support from Vancouver Canada!

Sandi/sassyglassdesigns said...

How exciting for of luck.