Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Orphan for You

Chrysoprase center
engraved petals

color so much like jadeite, I thought it fitting to put it in the Metal Shop tomorrow, along with a few other minty chrysoprase pieces
for a celebration of this soulful and gorgeous color.

This piece is unoxidized, and the woman who takes it home can choose any finish she prefers, from perfectly silver and shiny, to blackened with oxide.

Available tomorrow around 5 PM Pacific Time!

Drawing results posted then as well :) Thank you so much for sharing your delicious tea favorites - I am so inspired to try so many new things!!

One of the other pieces going into the Metal Shop features engraved sterling: I am getting more comfortable with the work and so I felt the time had come to try sterling and wowee, did it feel wonderful!!



Nialah said...

*hugs* So gorgeous Allison.



Cat said...

You make the happiest orphan-items! What a lovely flower! :)

Anonymous said...

Stunning Allison! I am breathless over this beauty...

Anonymous said...

Oh and almost forgot-Allison, what size is she?

kennington designs said...

Les is please to see you engraving! He got really excited! It is beautiful!

boniusia said...