Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Engraved With Love


Labradorite with rosy copper, hammer engraved with a joyous hand
and a light heart!

This baby has a beautiful, bouyant medium polish
and resembles a paisley in a gorgeous way!!


And oooh, a simple cowgirl frill necklace: engraved sterling silver and a sweet little trillion cut piece of Australian Chrysoprase.

Both delicious dishes will be in the Metal Shop tomorrow evening!

A note for next week: both shops will be closing Sunday morning and re-opening on Friday, as I will be down in Redlands performing at The Loft.




Nialah said...

Ohhhh so gorgeous.

Sending you lots of love in return.



Cat said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!

love and light

Cat said...

oh and PS
wish i could be there......

studio.delucca said...

I can not wait to see you at the show!

and... that engraving looks spectacular. it's coming straight from the heart :)


Two B's said...

Your engraving abilities are simply amazing! With all those years of leather work it works here too! (I've bought all the tools but can't seem to make it work for me!) BEAUTIFUL!

MrsLittleJeans said...

love the swirls and the chrysoprase...xoxo

WillowMetals said...

I can truly see why these were nabbed and spoken for :) beautiful work. I sure do love your engraving. Gorgeous. And that of my favorite stones!

still lily said...

These pieces are amazing...and so, i held my breath and tried to make it into the shop for the evening listing and missed out by what looks like seconds...i am not too good at this and am wondering how one gets in so fast to 'reserve' and become the happy, lucky owner of one of your lovely creations? is it timing?;) perhaps one day i will be lickety quick. Looks like a great upcoming show!