Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pieces of Life

This handsome man is my husband, waiting with me this morning to hear the results of the contest on the radio:
I still know nothing.

Perhaps this is a sign in any direction, but my hands are too full with the business of life to concentrate on it too much:

my newfound wisdom is brought to you by a good massage ;) This morning was another story!

A trip to the post office to turn in a mysterious orange mail slip and mail out tea to a dear friend was met with my very own teas and honey from the frozen North....

And my heart overflows.
I drink and think of an adored digital penpal I've never met, hoping someday we sip together!!

The succulent cuttings are doing quite well, it's hard not to thrive in Northern California if you're a sentient being... this I've learned the easy way.

My mother arrives tonight from Minneapolis and I cannot wait to share the vitality of the region and return her to my father a renewed woman, full of good mochas and
rested from napping in my big comfy studio chair whilst I paint leather
and solder metal.

There will be new work in the shops toward the end of this week: I am working on some pieces that make my heart soar: I am really looking forward to sharing them with you.

The studio gained a new piece of art this weekend: my grandmother painted this portrait of my father when he was in college, or was he in the air force at the time?

I'll have to ask about the time period. It makes me weepy.
I love my father (Poppy) in a way that mixes 2 parts adoration with 2 parts veneration and commendation.

He is a gentleman, a scholar, a stellar provider and a white knight.

The framing was done by a very talented woman named Sarah whom I am proud to call my cousin, though not by blood. She works with all her might at Four Starr Frame Shoppe in Stonington, Connecticut
and the way she embraced this picture in wood and glass takes my breath away.

If you live in the area and want your art and memories to sing, please do contact them, and tell them Sunny sent you!

When Sarah, (my sister and Sarah were the same age) and Polly (Sarah's little sister: we were paired perfectly) were young they lived in a cantankerous massive Victorian in Shadyside, Pgh.

We would spend all of our time playing games like Black Widow, making our food talk out of our mouths (fighting its own consumption), thinking about the next time Aunt Sandra would make chocolate cake, or the next time our father (their Uncle Stanley) would make blackened chicken on the grill, fixing up their carriage house, watching Prince writhe around onstage via MTV (back when they played videos), walking to Papermart for their stellar sticker collections....

Basically, we had an incredible childhood together. That we all grew up to love each other fiercely is such a gem to me, my cousins and my sister and I are bonded in a way
that fills me with gratitude.

Above is Polly's painting, one of her binocular series that hangs in my studio: now I have both women on my walls in a way (Sarah also does the MOST amazing photography work, one of her pieces is on its way to me soon, I will share it with you!!!)

Polly's maritime oil painting is a wonder.
You can see more of her work

I am off to squeeze my boy and go into the studio to putter.

Puttering is good for the soul.



Nialah said...

*hugs* Glad to see life is treating you kindly my dear Allison.

Sending you lots of hugs and smooches,



UmberDove said...

I do approve of all things puttery.

smoocheroo! - U

p.s. 13 days...

Anonymous said...

beautiful to share these moments with you and your thoughts
thank you
I am with The Dove...
I approve of all things puttery...it is a staple of life is it not???

now me thinks
Allison could there be those who do not putter??????

love and light

stilllily said...

I do so love the putteringness of ways...let's all lovingly putter away. a divine post from a divine galbeing.;)

nova by tess said...

I love your home, it looks so warm and inviting. Hope your puttering in the studio was fruitful.

love ~tess

Cat said...

I am already craving pea sprouts. In a serious way, you understand, I know.


MrsLittleJeans said...

Love the window, lovely picture of you squeezing the boy, and everything in between was lovely too...oh, nothing like a mother daughter visit...enjoy! xoxo

emmy d said...

Oh Shadyside...I miss home.