Thursday, February 10, 2011


NOTE: Dear Sir ring will be revealed this evening!!!
Sorry for the delay, Dr. comes first ;)


Tomorrow at 2:00 Pm Pacific Time, I will be putting this gorgeous Queensland Agate orphan in the shop:
orphan rings can be made in whatever size you deem appropriate: what you see here is merely the top of the ring, shankless (there's a joke somewhere in that word..) with the stone gently set into the bezel.

This one is tropical, warm and features a fully engraved copper ginkgo leaf sitting asymmetrically on the side of this summery stone.

I figure we can all use a bit more summer, am I right?

(My mother (living in Minneapolis) is probably raising her eyebrow and thinking how I am not really having a winter, so who needs summer in San Jose!! I'd like to remind her that the earth moves here. Cold Weather for the WIN!)

I'd also like to apologize for the lag in convo response time: preparing for the show next Wednesday (we're talking 75% new material for a band separated by 500 miles) is a bit all-consuming.

I like practicing.
My neighbors must be grateful I am not a beginning violin student!

They get to hear Randy Travis cover songs
and some Simon and Garfunkel

Tomorrow around 2 I will also be revealing a Dear Sir Opal ring in a larger size. This opal is EPIC.


It's small, but oh heavens the fire. In any light: I would imagine it will catch aflame in the sun, so fiery it is in the shade... opals are good for the heart.

I am rambling. I wish you'd all come over and sit around my dining room table and play Chicken Foot with me.

I talk MAD SMACK, so be forewarned.
I sassed my husband's grandma a few weeks ago when we played together: to be fair, she pulled out a sass-action-lawsuit (copyright, y'all: this catchphrase started here!! ;) ) in my court of law, too.

I love her.

And you


kerin rose said...

ring-o- licious lovlieness, but youwould have to teach me to play chicken foot...
I can talk MAD Smack too!
have an incredible gig!

Nialah said...

Ohhh another stunning orphan. And I cannot wait to see this opal ring unveiled.

Sending you summer filled hugs.


liz r. said...

Your engraving is going wonderfully well.

I bet you do talk mad smack! Thank you for making me smile today, I needed it.

Mari Huertas said...



You're adorable!

RosyRevolver said...

Cannot wait to see what you have in store. LOVE this ring. Your talent astounds.


Sandi/sassyglassdesigns said...

...and gorgeous it is. Your engraving looks awesome.

Bisquit said...

Your use of mixed metals warms my heart. I think you were destined to use a graver. My, oh my. I appreciate how you have started simple in your engraving. I can already tell your skills are increasing via the detail. Girl, you are so talented, you knock my socks off.

I am still elated nothing happened to you during the big car crash. The whole world would have been at a loss. Less music, leather, stones, metal....seriously. Wow!!!

Craft on Sister,
Your sky is the limit,
Which is limitless,

xoxo Kristin

Lynn said...

I must now learn what Chicken Foot is. That Orphan ring is absolutely what it's all about...beautiful!

My best, Lynn
*Yay me for being the 200th Follower! Confetti? Yes please. I love your blog and now let's follow each other.