Friday, February 12, 2010

Beauty in Process

A Big Lovebirds Bag
A Tigerlily Asymmetrical Clutch
Anatomical Bird Wing Cuff 

Pure Love
In Action
With every cut
And mallet strike

I am so nervous about the level of happiness I feel:
I am unaccustomed to the sense of wonder that comes with a Northern Spring
dizzied by the speed with which the home of my dreams arrived
certain that I am singing even with my mouth closed.

Did I tell you that I've written only two songs since we've moved north?
When I walked into the house on 12th Street I knew I would begin writing again.


These things you simply just know.

Have a romantic, luscious and slightly forbidden Valentine's Day weekend!!!



Good Girls Studio said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too! Loving some bird wings & love birds...can't wait to see them all finished!

studio.delucca said...

I have long been a fan & am in absolute AWE of your leather-magic skills.

a friend of mine wears one of your koi (often), and every time I see it I wish it was mine...

I am a silly person... I love to make jewelry, I love to own jewelry made by other designers - I DREAM in gemstones and silver for goodness sake - but I end up only wearing the simplest of simple things. one day, I will rock my very own sunnyrising koi necklace... I feel it in my soul.

{{I would also wear anything with the lovebirds on it. those are remarkable. just saying}}

reconstructing sarah said...

beautimus!!!!! does the wing have a home yet? :)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Goodgirls: I can't wait either :)

StudioDelucca: aw, man that is the kindest comment: thank you so much. Everything in its good time :)

Sarah Lovely, it is homeless - convo me if you're wishing on a wing!!


Dave said...

YESSSS... write more songs... they all don't need to be happy either... '-)

Kiki said...

Those designs look fantastic! I've always loved feathered creatures, and it's good to seen a few will be nesting in your shop soon.
Have a great Valentine's Day!

daria said...

Oh man, I could recognize the beauty of Point Reyes (in your header) any day. I absolutely love it up there!
You have such amazing jewelry and such amazing poetry. I hope you have a good weekend/Valentine's Day as well.

UmberDove said...

bird wing cuff?

be still my heart!