Monday, February 22, 2010

Pure Joy III

Pure, nearly edible joy.
Each piece a labor of love, with a breeze of Petaluma spring infused into the metal.
The sun is out and the weather is warming!

A rich cobalt fire in this labradorite necklace makes it irresistible to the eye and the finger pads.

A pair of prehnite leaf earrings, luminous and citrus-bright - the camera was unable to capture the lemon-limey depth of their color!

The greenest, lushest druzy from Tucson, sprinkled with ebony inclusions: the ring band is a small sprout bouquet with two small 14k gold dots: lovely!!!! The ring fits a 6.75 finger.

The apple of my eye: a stunning American turquoise with wonderful reddish-brown matrix wrapped in a sunset scene, complete with seagulls and, clouds and that big ball of fire herself.
The band is cloud-shaped and fits a size 8.25-8.5 finger!

All of these will be in the Metal Shop today -


Corinna said...

Oh, so stunning. A little different look, but the same glorious Sunny!! Lovin' these beauties.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Loving them... : )

Alice Istanbul said...

Oooh, each one looks more delicious than the last. Love the colors!

Jaime said...

Your pure joy is infectious :-)

Good Girls Studio said...

Loving the sunset w/a flock of seagulls!