Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's What is Inside that Counts!

This week in the studio has turned out to be all about open-centered pieces: today there are two pieces ready for the shop:

An open centered red agate necklace with double textured chain and a luxe toggle clasp...

And a monster druzy with mini-quartz shards inside the open pocket that I have filled with sterling granules. This ring is a size 9.
It is huge.
The inside of the ringband reads "worthy", for indeed you are.

The back has been hammer-textured, as has the ring band. 
It is so epic that Anthony suggested I call it


Can I just say how lovely it is having him home with me?
Tomorrow we go house hunting (rent-style) in Menlo Park, Redwood City and San Jose -


Both pieces will land in the Shop this afternoon!



Brooke Arin said...

I love that little choker. Just gorgeous.

Alice Istanbul said...

I love the little surprises within the hollow stones. Just beautiful.

Have fun house hunting!

Good Girls Studio said...

That is a honker of a ring! Fantabulous & for a woman who knows her worth! Good luck rental hunting!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I love the little silver drops hiding Allison, beautiful indeed!


jessi sawyer said...

omg. THUNDERDOME. I love it! Gorgeous stone, I love your silver pebbles tucked inside, and I also love petite necklaces and ginormous rings. Beautiful!

Runs4fun said...


Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...


I think it would take a mighty spirit to manage that love, but there are plenty of those whom you attract, so I would guess there might be a little battle going on for that... a lady-like one:)


Corinna said...

Oooohhh, I love the ring! Just the right size!!

UmberDove said...

yummers on the necklace - it's petite but sturdy, open but dark, hhmm, yep, I love it.