Saturday, February 20, 2010

I know the weekends are for resting, but....

I made a Turquoise sunset ring (complete with cloud shaped band in 8.25!)
and a pair of prehnite leaf earrings -

I couldn't help it.
This is what happens when your job is also your ultimate joy - the line becomes fine
and is often crossed....

I am trying to make rules for myself, like no convos on weekends, and no working on weekends and all manner of wise and well-saving guidedposts, but I love
 the feel 


I love the sound of

Metal against Mandrels
my Radio
The Avett Brothers
My rivet press
My own breath
Birds bathing above me in the eaves

I love the sight of

Solder making a run for it
Leather knife cuts becoming 3 dimensional
Antique on my hands and sponge
The venerable Ikea kitchen island that serves as my table 
(soon I will have two - one for each discipline)
many convos full of friendship
and questions

I don't know any better conundrum to have, quite frankly!

I am off to try and relax with a good book, but my stones are still calling with all their might (did I mention that I got a large Machinist's Toolbox with felt lined drawers (8 of them - drawers that is!!) to store all of my cabochons in?? Yeeeehaw!!!!)

Resistance is futile!



Heather Fawn said...

Woo Hoo for The Avett Brothers plus all of the other good stuff♥

sensitiveartist said...

love that ring!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Ooh, love the earrings!

MrsLittleJeans said...

You make it sound so musical, and I am sure it is. Nothing like loving what you do... : )

Have a great Sunday night and week ahead!


ps-beautiful pieces BTW