Friday, February 5, 2010

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes


Can you feel me hugging you? It's because I missed you :)

First and foremost, some images of well-filling heaven, a trip that changed my perspectives and my life:

Me and Bowie


Jillian and the totem!!! Yes, that sounds right.

Royal, looking a bit like someone I miss at home.....
He was found in a Wal-Mart parking lot and currently lives with two of the most special, lovable people I know - Phil and Jessi.

Bowie, thief of my heart.

You're my boy, Blue!!!!!!

Bob and Carol, my saving Graces when I moved out to California.... 

WHO IS THIS BIG GROWN UP BOY???? (sorry to yell!)

He still has a baby nose :)

And loves story-time. Seamus, my youngest friend, may I be there to see you at all stages of your life.

The luminous Ms. Katherine, lunch partner extraordinaire. Anthony told me he missed her, which melted my heart. I miss her, too.

There was more: so so so so so much more.

There were stones cut to stop your breath in your throat, so many of which I took home with me so that they might find their person....
There was the great food, the great company and the long stretches of solitary desert driving during which I listened to This American Life podcasts, the sound of the wind
and the echoes of my own longing and joy.

I figured out a lot of things and dug very, very deep into the heart of me and excavated some beautiful veins of gold.

I also turned my face to the sky and talked to God more than usual, filled as I am with gratitude of Anthony's good news, news I haven't been able to share until now:

My Schmill landed his dream job: he will be working for Activision making one of his favorite games of all times. 
It is not public knowledge yet, so I cannot share it: rest assured I will when I can!

We will move to the South Bay, some 60-odd miles away from Petaluma, which means I can still visit this bit of heaven even if I cannot call it my own.

Nothing matters more than a smiling husband, and boy oh boy is he smiling!!

I am dreaming of a larger studio, with two tables: one for leather, one for silver.
Pictures on the walls....
I am making a mental picture of the house we'll live in with its hardwood floors and sun-filled, warm rooms....

I am wondering about so many things that will be made clear: the whens and wheres and hows that will come in their proper time.

For now we have a great landlady who has granted us a month-to-month until we find our heaven elsewhere.

In the meantime, I am hugging these emerald hills and planning weekly trips to The Bovine and all my favorite places I've yet to discover.

Life is good, my dearest friends, and I have missed you.
Tell me about you!!!!!!



studio.delucca said...

congrats! to you and to your husband... that is BIG wonderful news!

thank you for sharing your beautiful adventures - and your hopes & dreams.

keep on being special


The Noisy Plume: said...

...we should have purchased the totem. We could have made it a joint custody object!

I didn't imagine I'd miss you this much!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

SD: many many thanks!!! These are exciting times :)

Jillian: Ditto. Our time together was super precious, and that RW is one heckuva guy!!!!
I am partly content just knowing we'll see each other again, but partly sad for missing :(

mme. bookling said...

Oh that grin on Plumey...such a dirty bird!

"Nothing matters more than a smiling husband..." a truly lovely sentiment. I am excited for this change and how it will enhance your art.

Glad you're back!

Good Girls Studio said...

How exciting!! #loveshearingdreamscometruestories :)

Glad you made it back safe & sound! Looking forward to seeing what you actually brought back with you ;)

Char said...

Wonderful to be reading your blog again. Always makes me smile and even more with your happy news! Looking forward to your updates.

Julz said...

Welcome back. Glad your time away was good - anticipating wonderful creations.

::mari:: said...

hello doll! so nice to hear from you again. i've missed your smiling missives.

so big, BIG congrats to A on landing his dream job ... and so lovely to hear you are feeling invigorated once again...

what is new with me? i'm heading to the east coast to visit friends next week ... i'm working on a top-secret new project that is still taking shape ... and i'm getting cabin fever in chicago, counting down the days until spring's bright bloom.

and ... is that a tattoo around zee plume's wrist? i'd no idea she was inked!

love to you!

Nancy*McKay said... have sooOOoo much look forward it with LOVE...

Dave said...

Way to go kid!... Another great game, I'm sure the world does need more.

The move will be hard on the cats, but they'll adjust... have fun live life to the fullest...

I wanted to share with you that last week's house concert is paving the way to new contacts and new audience... Yay! There's a link to a 30 minute show on The Pines who were here last week. I was playing your cover of Spoon River in the background and Benson took note and asked about the great cover.

Tonight a paying gig with my Rose River pals... got to love to play music.

Peace... Dave

susie said...

Oh my - I may have to plan a trip to Tuscon, looks like too much fun! Congrats to you and the hubby- it does my heart good to hear some good news. Safe travels and well wishes in finding your new home.

dailycoyote said...


I might have to get on my pony or my Vespa or maybe even a plane and make a trip out to Santa Cruz in the near future.... so many of my sweets are now south of SF!

Happy to see you back here in the meantime.......
xo S.

Runs4fun said...

Oh my goodness! What a marvellous post! And, what wonderful news! Yayyyyy! Congratulations to your love! Love the ummmmm...'totem'...not too sure about it being joint custody tho!(gulp). Lovely images of all your friends! Wee Seamus is getting to be quite grown up...(even with his little boy nose)! He's adorable.

Sending love...TTYS

UmberDove said...

News Indeed! New chapters are starting, and that's such an exciting place in life to be (and the space to dream of new studios... sigh, lovely!).

It's good to see you back. xox

And yes, go drink that chai and nibble on those pastries!

E said...

Vast landscapes are great teachers, eh? And your eyes seem to catch all the details in between.
Glad your trip was fulfilling, and I can't wait to hear about your next spot. I sure hope we can meet the next time you visit Julie and Brian in Mpls.

Corinna said...

Welcome back, loveliest! We missed you. And what big changes, my goodness!!

Amanda said...

How exciting!

My husband also works for a game production company and really seems to enjoy it.

Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work and hearing of new adventures.

jordan said...

that seamus is possibly the cutest little boy ever. i think it has something to do with the hair. and the baby nose ;)