Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 9...

working my way into Natarjasana

...Is a day full of grace and organization.
This morning's class was challenging to say the least, but I had several moments that felt so great that I stopped wishing it was over:

I felt my feet (!!): 

I felt each foot as if it were a root spreading over the earth and grounding my whole body.
In contrast, when I first started yoga nearly a year ago, I remember thinking, "I cannot actually feel like my feet are anything more than tiny odd!"

Well, today they were pillars!

I also received my handsome machinist's toolbox in the mail and proceeded to organize my cabochons by color and type: (there are three more drawers 
than what you see here):

Some of the stones you see are a part of my collection, which I will pass down to children of my own someday; some of the stones are for work.

All of them are loved and handled with the utmost care and respect: I feel so lucky to be their stewards!

I am off to relax and enjoy my evening: Schmilly starts his dream job at Activision Monday morning, so we must celebrate while we can:

he'll be gone from here for roughly ten-twelve hours per day until we move!!!

I am sending you all huge hugs and a slice of my homemade pineapple upside-down cake (oh, it is so good!) complete with organic maraschino cherries!!!

Sunny One-y


Jaime said...


Those stones left me speechless.

sensitiveartist said...

oh wow - all that agate is killer. love it!

Vita said...

WAY TO GO on the yoga!! I should do that one of these days (ohh, if only they had yoga every single day in this town)! It definitely sounds like a good goal to attain! :)

AND.....those are the prettiest, most colourful, most beautiful treasure drawers I have ever seen....!! I would probably just sit there for hours admiring! ;)

Brooke Arin said...

That is in my top three favorite yoga poses! (downward dog will always be my favorite, i think.)
and those stones!

littlecherryhill said...

YUMMO!! How long have you been collecting those for???? Sigh.....I wish I had choice of stones like you do!

susie said...

Thank you for sharing your stones, I just get lost in those pictures. I also think a see a yoga class in my future, so thank you for that. My son wants to know if he can come work with your husband (he has some ideas about a new Indiana Jones game)- good luck to him in his new endeavor!

Char said...

Your stones made me drool! Just love them!

Yoga is a small part of my workout routine. I have a love hate relationship with it too.

Congratulations to you both on his new job and your future move. Enjoy!

Susie said...

those stones are AMAZING...

dailycoyote said...

soooooooo beautifullllllllll

jaunebleu said...

All that color! Delicious!

Alice Istanbul said...

Oh those stones!!! Like candy!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Congratulations on the yoga...I have to make that a personal challenge one of these months away : )

I can't believe your favorite is the last drawer...beautiful colors! Have a wonderful first week of March Allison!


Corinna said...

Oh my goodness, your cab collection is MAGNIFICENT.

wow, just WOW.

CrowNology said...


Brenda McGowan said...

Gorgeous - I can't wait to see what you make with all of those!