Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Things Light and Floating

Pieces in progress on the metal bench:

Feather and landscape jasper GALORE

Wing and Mystery Plume

A closer look, shall we? I mean, my God.
Just.... wow.
Drive anywhere in New Mexico, Utah or parts of Arizona and hold up this stone:
it is really a reflection of the American Southwest, part-owner of my heart.

(Petaluma/Sebastopol pretty much has dibs on the rest of it)

You know those light and lovely thistle puffs that float through the air?
The ones you grab, make a wish upon and release?

Yes: there in the sterling is one of them. Destined to be earrings
one can wish upon for years.

Well, I better get back in there, these babies are not waiting: the demand their

Just got a text from a dove in the north asking about a short, lovely visit and I am overjoyed!!

It means aside from the already existent love in that bond that I get to meet a certain bookish Mme whom I have long admired.
I better brush up on my Rilke!! :)

my bestie Amy McAlexander comes into town tonight:
I get a full day with her tomorrow
after seeing her at our Chris's wedding a few weeks ago -


. Ow!.
Thanks ;)



tattooedblogger said...

Landscape jasper shout-outs...This is going to be grand!Perhaps the "wish" earrings with ring similar to the Sweet love and Freedom Dove earrings claimed my a tattooed one..hint hint...Can't wait to see the newbies.
Maybe you and Mme can memorize a Rilke together,teamwork, it is on her 2011 to do list.Wow the 3 of you togehter is going to be magical for the soul, take lots of goofball pic's please. Much Bliss sent your way

UmberDove said...

oh. ee. GODS. yesh, you best return to the bench sister!

I can't wait to hug your bones again SOON!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Delia, my love: noted and noted, oh subtle one ;) xoxoxo

Umber: Ok, how many times have we seen each other in a year: six? Seven? Heck we are lucky friends. God bless California :)
And don't forget Keith Urban in October, cowgirl!!! I am already planning my outfit :)

Anonymous said...

I am liking these!

MrsLittleJeans said...

A happy weekend to you Sunny + Dove! xo