Friday, June 24, 2011

The Perfect Day with a Gem

I drove up to San Francisco yesterday
with the sun out and the radio on
knowing that in a narrowing hour I would see one Laurie Brown who has been
a delight through and through
via convos and a short coffee by the Golden Gate Bridge
when I delivered her clutch some months back

She is an artist;
kind and wickedly funny

A collector of beauty
a lover of birds like none I've ever met before...
a visionary in metal and found objects
with a living space that feels like a vacation somewhere breezy and bright
trinkets and bits from around the world
everything has a story.

She took me to Velvet Davinci

Get a load of that amazing engraving!!

And leaping rabbits, tab set and pillowy - gorgeous!!

Wow! I was in heaven through a lot of that wonderful gallery:
the human brain is a wonderful thing.

I believe Les and Andrea know the gentleman who makes these...

we went to Britex
and I cannot wait to show you what I nabbed:
you'll see soon in design!

There was a tiny cafe with homemade yogurt and fresh fruit
(the kind of homemade yogurt where you take a bite
and look at your lunch partner with wide eyes and hungry guppy mouth - so good you have to gape)

and then back to her home

and the lady dogs!!!
Oh, they're addictive, those three!

She sent me off with bits and pieces
and I left her with a cicada wing or two


that a friendship is blossoming


that feels




Anonymous said...

love that
blossoming friendship
what a gift

love and light

MrsLittleJeans said...

I am with lovely, and I have made a mental note about her cast art in my head... xoxo

Lorena sometimes ... said...

Oh Allison!

what would be my wish is that all of your lovely readers could BE in the physical presence of the BEAUTY that is YOU!!!

it was just a perfect day ...
i couldn't have wished for more

'till we meet again, precious friend,

ps: the girls send fuzzy kisses, too
xo xo xo

UmberDove said...

I'm surprised I didn't feel the earth shake up here what with the meeting up of you two!

Nancy*McKay said...

isn't it amazing at how much love, kindness, art & friendship the heart can hold?!

i love how you actualize your life!


Puck's Mom said...

What a lovely day you let us enjoy vicariously!

Have you ever been to Paxton Gate? Next time you're in the city, check it out. I don't know why I thought of it when I read your post, but I did, and something told me you'd enjoy it. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I will have to visit Velvet Davinci, it looks inspiring.