Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Continued work on the lovely clutch that was reserved a few weeks back:
I am loving every minute of the making - it's going to a woman whose work I admire

There was a lot of bicep action today: that's deep tooling!

Good heavenly orbs, this necklace... yes, I cried when I saw it finished.
It's the tenderest, loveliest most hopeful piece.
I filled it with this thought as I worked:

we are all in a sense feathers on the wind, blowing here and there
but home is always in our hearts:
home is where love is

love of

and so, home is really everywhere.

This is for a woman who has known displacement
who has come to be in an unexpected place
either by choice or by fate

and needs a reminder about the perfectness of this moment
even with its most challenging face on.

Where the feather meets the skin, sterling dots.

On it is a revelation: the fit is so warm and

This is the work of my hands today, cumulative work (of course) from days before - there is no fabrication that comes quickly to me.

As I write this I have such a mixed heart:

I am nearing the end of my treatment for my back - HOORAY!! (serious dancing being done over in this house!!)
and yet my body is voicing a kinda worrisome complaint from a very private place
unmentionable really -
and I hope it is something simple - I will know for certain soon.
I don't mean to alarm, it's just so on my mind
and yet too embarrassing to really go into detail about.

It all serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent
and though we strive for betterment always
there are profound moments of humor and grace
even when something's wrong.

Today in yoga I asked for courage
as I moved through challenging asanas with strength
and with my eyes closed I saw the faces of so many women I've never
some of them you - yes, you.

To bravery, healing and challenge!



WillowMetals said...

You are full of all kinds of awesomeness lady! The necklace is just beautiful, I love the feather! And the clutch of course, is wonderful! Dance the night away, sol glad to hear that you are healing and near the end of all of it. Keeping you in my thoughts and will pray that whatever your embarassing worry is, that everything will be okay♥ :) Scratch that, not okay....but fabulous!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thanks, my sweet metal mama :)
Hope all is well in your world!

liz r. said...

Love the new pieces--wow, that feather!

Sending all good thoughts for your health worry to resolve itself easily!

UmberDove said...

Your fabulousity knows no end.


MrsLittleJeans said...

Lovely pieces and a good request- courage! xoxo

Kim said...

Peonies and bees, two of my favorite things!! And the bird skull and poem...oh, my! Can't wait to see the finished bag.

LOVE that stone and the feather. If it were up for reserve AND if I weren't about to spend a bundle moving a couple thousand miles away, I would love to have that around my neck.

Having lady parts (if it's to do with any of those) sure can cause some worries at times. Whatever it is, positive thoughts are coming your way that all is well!

bonddi said...

Goddess armour! Love your work, as you know. We have all had those embarassing pains, hope yours is fleeting. Thinking healing thoughts for you.