Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Time To Dust Your Shoulders Off

Maybe it's the weather (93 F)
or the workouts I've been doing (no.joke.yowsers!)
but I am feeling summery and sultry!!

So sultry, in fact, that I put aside everything else I planned on doing today and spent the whole time working on these babies, these shoulder dusters

working in amethyst
agate stars

The almost-last of my tiny 2mm old stock of coral (I will only work in vintage coral beads)
turquoise in two rich shades with a wee onyx thrown in

gloriously rich in detail and
true to their name, long -
3.5 inches for the amethyst and turquoise!

The coral and the stars are a modest 3.25 inches long - demure, even!

In between sips of mint iced tea,
fanning my cheek
and bouts of southern-belle-style ennui
I shall put them in the
this evening
just as the crickets start their songs.



Nialah said...

succulent summer treats for the earlobes.



Nancy*McKay said...

next to southern~belle~style ennui, shoulder dusters rock it for me & yours are hotHOThot! XO

RosyRevolver said...