Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This morning began at approximately 3:12 AM
when a large fraternity compound a block away caught fire
five alarm blaze
helicopters parked overhead
somehow my husband slept through the insanity
but I could not

so I got up
and began the completion of two pieces that were awaiting a few details:
a clutch that had been reserved a few weeks back
and an orphan ring...

and I worked and worked and worked
with a happy heart
knowing that my eight hours just happened to be a bit off schedule

Here I am at 2:23
feeling a sense of great accomplishment
and joy:
I love this phase of things - the beholding
of what was once an idea

now made real.

The photo of the ring above was taken at 5:30 AM - I know it doesn't show much detail,
but I love the cool blue of the light
a bit cloudy from the neighborhood tragedy.

In a news interview one of the members of the fraternity
told the reporter that all of the other Greek houses around town
offered the 28 now-homeless inhabitants
a place to stay until they find a new house
or head home to parents...

that struck me as so neighborly and good - a small-college-town in the midst of city life.



MrsLittleJeans said...

I am loving those bumble bees...xoxo

tattooedblogger said...

Both so beautiful...and I am glad you rooted yourself in a town of good....and that all the kids are okay...enjoy the rest of your night...O and we got a new kitten...she's just 2 lb's 1oz..and her name is.....SUNNY...