Monday, June 13, 2011

The truest words I know

"It is time to start thinking incredible thoughts."


This phrase kept repeating in my ear last night in restorative yoga
popping up during each pose...

when thoughts come you are supposed to sweep them away making the class a long meditation, but I must confess; I welcomed the aforementioned in and served it tea
from my favorite jadeite mug.

I savored those beautiful, bountiful words like something fine and rare
truly - they are those things!

Most thoughts are mundane
bordering on critical
resting in comparisons and daily activities

and then in comes this gargantuan gorgeous instruction:

"It is time to start thinking incredible thoughts."

And so,

as much as I can remember to do so, I've been dreaming up some new things
thinking about what it would be like to move my operations into a building
hire an assistant
and see about long-held dreams like making my own hides

writing a book about something

finding gratitude in everything regularly

praying nightly with my husband

continuing to cook with the seasons &

focus on composting, reusing and refusing to bring more plastic into my life
incredible thoughts....

forgiving more

committing more to things that matter

remembering everyone is holding a deep wound, so maybe we tread gently, gently...

looking at nature more

trying out new ways to love

breaking out of the proverbial box...

it is time.

What are your incredible thoughts, my dear friends?



Set Love Free said...

Allison, I have no doubt that your incredible thoughts will become incredible actions and the world will be a more beautiful place! Truly this is the natural order of things by God's design - loveliness begets more loveliness! --Lisa

Camlo said...

The thought that has cemented itself into my grey matter as of late:

Everything is secretly perfect.

It is so much more than go with the flow- everything is as it should be whether we realize it or not:)

MrsLittleJeans said...

I always try to relax by thinking "incredible thoughts", it is time to write them down as you did so beautifully xoxo

emmy d said...

So true. My mind seems to go in nothing but lists lately, and those are far from incredible. There are so many things I want to do and be and think, and it is time to stop listing them and start doing. Start thinking them so that they can begin to manifest.

Anonymous said...

“You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know.”

oscar wilde...thinker of incredible thoughts

bon*bon said...

This is very, very beautiful!
Going to carry your phrase into my dreams...
Thank you

sarah said...

What a lovely dynamic phrase to focus on! I really like your list too. Has made me think about the things that really matter! Thanks for sharing it. I love stumbling across a blog that I have never visited before and feeling moved. It's like receiving a little unexpected gift! Thank you.

kerin rose said...

"remember everyone is harboring a deep wound so tread gently"....I always think this thought, remembering every one is also a person with dreams, preferring to observe them in an inquisitive manner, rather than 'accusatory'...

These are such beautiful incredible thoughts, and I too, have absolutely no doubt that you will manifest....

namaste, sweet sunny-pie! xoxox

Brooke said...

Oh, I love this! I am so with you. Isn't it nice to feel that such big things are possible?