Friday, January 6, 2012

Being of Service

I have become a devoted servant over the last few days
holding up a dish of water under a thirsty chin

faithfully injecting helpful medicines

sitting by the low bed that is home

waiting for the signs that we would normally never wish for...

And in between I work
and do the laundry
and nest a bit.

I've found that mostly what I want to create are patterns
or pieces using plant materials
new metals
like red brass

And then I hold them all in my hands and see that the results
of the instincts are measured and peaceful:

I like when pieces have a feel to them.

I like when the intention of a piece is to be of service, a small heartfelt caretaker of the part of us that craves beauty and needs to drink deep.

Yesterday I bought a painting from a dear friend and I could tell the moment I looked at it that it was going to heal and unify bits of life that so need it:
with every piece she sends out, a sigh of relief for the receiver, a gift consistent in its giving from day one to generations next...

Today my friend Laurie Brown is heading down from San Francisco to say hello to all of us,
and I cannot wait.

I sincerely hope that all is well in your world, dear reader;
is the sun shining where you are today?



Sierra Keylin Jewelry said...

Oh my, those leather mandalas!!! I hope they are going to become earrings, and that I will be quick enough to snag a pair for myself!!! Such beautiful work!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I think you have found the best solution to everything...the sun manages to shine even if things want to come in between xx

Sybil Ann said...

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the shopping at the small downtown shops was bliss (and that at the yucky large store was quick) and my Sunday will soon give way to an all-to-soon Monday/Saturday with (please goddess) attendance down and phones slow. XO!

May your tiger burning bright slip gently off on feet like fog. No pain, just sleep. What I wish for us all.

UmberDove said...

In the fullness,

Cat said...

outside it is a dreary cold and wet winters day up hear in the Pacific North West...
BUT inside the wood stove burns, the puppy snores, the house has been purged to the max! there are new carpets and new couch adn good tunes flowing from my hubbies office, and to top it off I am visiting with you!
things are good
: )

Love and Light

bonddi said...

Beautiful! Wishing you peace during this passing. All is as it should be.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you often, Allison, and sending prayers to you and yours.

The new work is lovely.

Lorena, sometimes ... said...

sitting with you today, and J&J, was the only place i wanted to be!!!

loving you through this journey!
loving you always . . .

Kelly said...

Lovely...everyone of these! It is quite chilly in this country home not far from the Sea, for the heater is broken, but outside...oh my it just seems silly to be this hot out in January! I visit here regularly, sometimes just quietly:) Thank you always for sharing.